Apple iAd to have 50% of the mobile ad market in second half of 2010

Apple iAd to have 50% of the mobile ad market in second half of 2010
Apple plans on launching its iAd on iPhone and iPod Touch devices using iOS 4. Almost immediately, Apple will grab a 50% share of the mobile ad market. Despite the huge potential to coin money here, Apple is more interested in using this power to give developers incentive to build for the App Store. CEO Steve Jobs said, "iAds will reach millions of iPhone and iPod touch users, a highly desirable demographic for advertisers." He also said iAd would "provide developers a new way to earn money so they can continue developing free and low cost applications.” Over $60 million of ad commitments have been made by companies like AT&T, Best Buy, Campbell Soup, GEICO, GE and Walt Disney to name a few.

With iAd, iPhone and iPod Touch users can press on a banner ad which launches an HTML5 ad site right within the app. When you are finished with the ad, you are brought right back to the app you were using instead of ending up at some external web site. Apple hopes this support will result in better and more effective ads that developers will want to include within their apps. The banners and ad sites are developed using iAd JS which is a JavaScript library that is part of the new OS. It allows advertisers to create "media bundles" that are similar to a web site so that those who are interested in an ad can appear to be viewing a web site with videos and other rich media, when in reality they are watching one of these "media bundles" coming from Apple's own servers. By offering its own network that depends on the iOS and demanding the use of  HTML5, the Cupertino based firm continues to promote the latter as a replacement for Flash and keeps advertisers off Google's pipelines. During his address at WWDC Monday morning, Steve Jobs showed an ad for the new Leaf car made by Nissan. The iAd launched a short video which led to an area where the iPhone user could navigate to seek more information, enter a contest and see selling points on why you should buy the car.

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source: AppleInsider


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1. saneok

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looks like an interesting idea. I just hope we consumers will gain from it.. how about make all apps free but ad these adds to them... I'd be down with that... or do it like Android market and have free ad supported versions of paid apps... I hope that's the rode they will head on...

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