Apple granted patent that would enable disabling of cell phones by location

Apple granted patent that would enable disabling of cell phones by location
Imagine walking into an area deemed too sensitive for mobile devices, and voila, your device is rendered useless. There are some practical applications where this technology would be welcomed, like school testing environments or business executives worried about someone catching a sneak-peek at an unreleased product…hey wait a minute!!

There are some equally reasonable concerns against implementing this technology as well. If such mechanisms were put in place in the public domain, it would clearly prevent people from being able to record open events, such as during the Arab Spring, or at other political protests which are common around the world and a guaranteed right in the US.

Apple does lay out an even keeled point in favor of such technology:

That is hardly reassuring. Government installations already have the ability to shield RF signals in sensitive areas, so enhancing the ability to render devices completely unusable does have merit in that environment. 

But, justifying this technology based on the carelessness of someone who forgot to turn their ringer off at a wedding? That is about as weak an argument as you can get. And do not even get us started on the impact it would have on sneaking a look at the newest-yet-to-be-released gadgets out there!

source: Mashable


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