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Apple enlists Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel for iPhone ads

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Apple enlists Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel for iPhone ads
It's been a while since Apple has anyone even approaching celebrity status appear on-screen in a commercial, usually the company relegates its celebrity power to voice-over work, or musical accompaniment. It could be argued that the last time Apple used on-screen talent for ads was with the Mac vs PC ads, and Justin Long and John Hodgman were both notably more famous after those commercials than before. 

Now, Apple has brought in some A-list talent for new ads showing off the iPhone 4S, or more specifically Siri. Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel are the new talent for at least one commercial each. Surprisingly (or disappointingly depending on your preference), Sam L doesn't get bleeped out once and Zooey makes it through the entire commercial without singing. Still, this is some big name talent on Apple's side. 

Another odd touch in the commercials is that they are each for different iPhone carriers. Zooey gets the Sprint tag at the end of her spot and Sam L gets Verizon on his. Should we assume this is because Sprint wants to be the spunky underdog and Verizon is the big bad mutha-? Maybe we're reading into it a bit too much. 

source: YouTube via The Verge

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