Apple already running out of white iPad minis, shipping date pushed back

Apple already running out of white iPad minis, shipping date pushed back
"Hey, buy some of the black iPads, will you?" - Such must be the thoughts of Tim Cook and company right now. Not that we didn't expect it, but it happened almost surprisingly fast - due to inability to meet to the extreme demand for its new iPad mini, Apple has already pushed back the shipping date for some of the models.

If you try to pre-order a white iPad mini now, you'll find out that the device is no longer expected to ship on November 2, but in the somewhat more indefinite "two weeks." The reasons we can think of are two: either Apple has had an insufficient initial stock of white iPad minis, or people are just loving the white variant much more than the black one. Speaking of the black iPad mini, the good news is that the pre-ordered units are still set for a November 2 shipping, but if you like the black one and plan to purchase it, we'd recommend that you don't take too long before placing the pre-order, as we won't be surprised if its shipping date gets pushed back as well.

Thankfully, there isn't a change in the expected delivery date of the 'Wi-Fi + cellular' iPad minis, which is still "mid-November".

source: Apple

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iPad mini
  • Display 7.9" 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 1.2 MP front
  • Processor Apple A5, Dual-core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 64 GB
  • Battery 4440 mAh



1. tahnik

Posts: 200; Member since: Jul 17, 2011

If there was an A6 processor...I would buy... But now I have to look forward to nexus 10...

2. Topcat488

Posts: 1411; Member since: Sep 29, 2012

A6 processors won't even help them, like the Clinton Administration said, it's the economy stupid... The price will be the ipad mini's down fall, even when i believe that this action Apple is taken now is just a ploy, to get people to hurry in to buy. But don't worry Apple, if you can't keep up with supply the Goopad Mini, will fill in the slack. :)

3. tahnik

Posts: 200; Member since: Jul 17, 2011

Ya...I think after steve they have lost all their ideas...With a price of 329$ they want to compete with 199$ tablet which is more functional....

6. Hemlocke unregistered

I bet that the $329 tablet sells more by Christmas than the $199 Nexus 7 tablet ever does. Heck, I sold my iPad 3 and I'm planning on buying a 3G N7, if the price is right, but the iPad will still sell many millions more than any Android tablet.

8. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

Sadly, yeah, because of all of the iSheep that buy an iPad Mini for $329 when the $199 Nexus 7 has a better screen, a better OS, more features, a more powerful processor (the A5 SUCKS) and basically anything else you would want in a 7 inch tablet. I love the iPhone 5 and the 3rd/4th iPad and I think Apple managed to pull off a ridiculous hardware update on both. However, I'm not a sheep of any kind. The Mini is a total rip off and only the iSheep of the world and the misinformed would buy it. Not trying to offend anyone in any way, just giving my honest opinion.

27. darkkjedii

Posts: 30832; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

What makes it a total ripoff though? If people want one they just want one. Y is it a ripoff.

28. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

It's just ridiculously expensive and not as good. The A5 is destroyed by the Tegra 3, the screen resolution is horrible, and the Nexus 7 beats it in every factor except how thin it is. The iPhone 5 is a great deal, so is the iPad 4 if you don't already have the 3. I was hoping the Mini would be better than this. :/ Yeah, if you want it, you want it, I guess, but the Mini is a horrible deal imo.

9. The.Dark.Knight.Rises

Posts: 72; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Am sure 2nd gen ipad mini will be taken more seriously by apple. This is their first try. But I love the design.

29. Non_Sequitur

Posts: 1111; Member since: Mar 16, 2012

Yeah, same. It looks GREAT, but as of now, just can't compare to the Nexus 7. Can't wait to see what they bring with the second gen, though!

11. RaKithAPeiRiZ

Posts: 1488; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

Downfall eh ....gave me a great idea to make a YouTube hitler parody "hitler is informed about the ipad mini pricing"

24. JunitoNH

Posts: 1946; Member since: Feb 15, 2012

So true, would had love to buy one. But in the scheme of things, especially economically, I'll settle for a cheaper N7. As the Rolling-stones crooned once, you can't always get what.........but you get what you need.


Posts: 2315; Member since: Jul 30, 2011

I don't think supply is a problem; they could always send out 4th generation iTouches and buyers wouldn't know the difference.

5. samirsshah

Posts: 61; Member since: Mar 10, 2011

This happens all the time. Companies always miscalculate the demand for a particular SKU.

23. Evil.Bunny

Posts: 41; Member since: Feb 29, 2012

the shortage is most probably due to samsung pulling out from their screen manufacturing partnership.

7. MeoCao unregistered

Come on, that' the old trick to create an illusion of demand. Here comes Nexus 7 with steroid.

10. AndroidShiz

Posts: 154; Member since: Nov 08, 2011

It's official. Apple is full of dark magic from Genie and Tinkerbells' kids in bizzaro world. Those guys could sell it for $399, with a non working battery that had to be purchased seperately for 52 bucks and no joke, it would still sell out. Pretty soon if you don't own an iDevice, you won't be allowed to get married to a non-iDevice person without being persecuted. In order to get a job, you'll have to list your phone brand and password to your Facebook account on your resume.

12. bubbadoes

Posts: 1225; Member since: May 03, 2012

This act of always not having a product in stock is done on purpose by APPLE...they hate looks as though they have the hottest products in town when in fact they just don't have the inventory to ship..They refuse to have let's save 5 millions iphones on he shelves in stores waiting on customers to buy..They will ship 10 iphones to a store when the demand calls for 1,000. I was at a Grand opening of a cell phone store..Guess what--the rep told me that Apple only sent 5 iphones to his store for each carrier and the only ones they had in stock were the 64 gig Sprint version..Go figure..Believe me, the demand isn't that great. If Apple would have stock the stores at launch with iphones you would not be seeing a 3 week ship date if you wanted one today..It's how they keep their hype up

13. bubbadoes

Posts: 1225; Member since: May 03, 2012

$329 for a (7.9) tablet with a 2 year old processor, with the lowest resolution of any 7 inch tablet on the market today. Unbelievable...the fans are great. This is why Apple does what they want to do. They will buy it, no matter what. just use your $199 iphone. It's only 3.9 inches smaller, its the same os, and adds talk

14. Xquisite

Posts: 87; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

It seems as if there are more android fanboys on apple news articles than apple fanboys. ( I have a Galaxy S3, fyi) But then again, most people who iPads are probably too busy to be worrying about arguing with you all. Take my father for example, he is a doctor who specialized in pulmonary medicine, and he is smarter than 99% of the people on this site. He loves his iPad, but according to all you geniuses on here, he is just a dumb sheep. Nvm...forget I said all that, I'll just go with the crowd. Lol ipad mini for $330 or Nexus 7 for $200 apple is crazy, why would I want an iPod Touch XL lmao.

16. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Newsflash - I know a few doctors who are smart in medicine, but not in other technologies, and who also happen to be horrible drivers with terrible handwritten. Being a professional does not make you smart in other areas of life.

20. Xquisite

Posts: 87; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

Newsflash - if a person is smart enough and has the drive to become a doctor, they defiantly are capable of researching the pros and cons of different tablets and buying the one that best fits there needs. And sadly, not everyone is a child that needs to widgets, sometimes it just comes down to the applications.

25. addict27

Posts: 7; Member since: Oct 01, 2012

Of course they're 'capable'. The question is whether or not they did research the pros and cons, and the majority of apple owners don't. They buy into the marketing hype. That doesn't mean the iphone, ipad, etc isn't the right device for some people.

17. bubbadoes

Posts: 1225; Member since: May 03, 2012

come on dude. what a dumb statement. just because your father is a doctor doesn't make him any smarter or any better than any one on this site. (probably his bank account is a lot larger than 99% than anyone on this site) but that's it..he may be a doctor but common sense is another category...wake up and get off of your high horse.

19. Xquisite

Posts: 87; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

Oh but it does.

15. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Wow, there really are a lot of stupid and gullible people in this world. Maybe, I should start manufacturing dog poop and with an 'i' in front of it, I could sell millions of it.

18. DROIDX0430

Posts: 469; Member since: Nov 24, 2010

like father like son! #14

21. Xquisite

Posts: 87; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

I currently have a Galaxy S3 running JB, and I was going to get a Nexus 7 but I didn't see the point of having a bigger version of my Galaxy S3. So I might wait to see how the Nexus 10 looks, but I'm leaning towards an iPad mini. Variety is the spice of life #18.

26. Xquisite

Posts: 87; Member since: Apr 23, 2012

Aww did I upset the wittle andwoid fan boys?

22. halfpint

Posts: 8; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

They only made like 5 white mini's so they could have the story break out that they ran out.

30. AlexWII

Posts: 8; Member since: Oct 27, 2012

The design of the Ipad Mini is really amazing. Apple's design is much better than others manufacturers (just have a look to the futur Nexus 10 ... so... ugly - my opinion) - Concerning the processor... just have a look to this very interresting test... Ipad Mini will be mine soon !

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