Apple Watch first impressions round-up

Apple Watch first impressions round-up
The Apple Watch cat is out of the bag now in its entirety and right after yesterday’s event, Apple invited its loyal members of the press to spend some time with its new timepiece and give first-hand impressions to the world.

It’s time to round-up those real-world impressions, right after the first Apple Watch hands-ons, and - luckily - there are some thing everyone who played with the timepiece seems to agree on. Nonetheless, keep in mind that those are all impressions from pre-production devices, and Apple might improve the software, fluidity and iron out bugs in the final versions. Here are the few important points worth highlighting:

  • Apple Watch homescreen navigation is very, very smooth
  • Scrolling through lists, though, a slight occasional stutter is noticeable
  • Using the digital crown is convenient, as you don’t need to hold the entire thing - just a slight swipe on the top activates the zooming/rotating functions
  • Force Touch works fairly well in demonstrations

For all the rest of the first-hand impressions of the Apple Watch, take a look at our round-up of the hands-ons right below.

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