Android's Skype has critical security vulnerability, endangers your personal info and your chat logs

Android's Skype has critical security vulnerability, endangers your personal info and your chat logs
Well, here we go again. A simple test reveals that Android's Skype app is leaving your personal data - like your full name, date of birth, personal phone numbers, e-mails, city/state/country info, bio and so on, but not your credit card information - not encrypted and easily accessible.

Worse still, people who want to exploit this security vulnerability don't need to be knowledgeable malware developers - far from it, actually, as limited skills will do the job.

Your contacts' info is also comprised, and the worst of the worst seems to be that all your Skype logs are also in danger of being revealed - there is no point to dwell on that one, as we all use Skype and know perfectly well what are the potential consequences if someone manages to gain access to your chat logs with your name and personal information next to them.

As this problem affects the standard Skype client for Android, as well as the leaked Skype Video version, a simple calculation shows that the personal data (and the contacts' info) of more than 10 million users of Google's mobile OS may be endangered.

It's worth noting though that Verizon's version of the app is not affected.

It's reported that Skype is looking at the issue as we speak, but in the meantime you can check the video below, and see for yourself how easy someone may gain access to your personal data via Skype's app for Android.

We have contacted Skype requesting more info on the issue, and we will update as soon as we receive any additional information from the developer.

UPDATE: We've been informed that the Skype team is currently working to find a fix for the problem. In the meantime, the company advises its Android users to be extra careful with how they select the applications to install on their devices.

source: Android Police



1. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

I love how bullshit like this is always featured. I also love the fact that the carrier version that's most widely spread-Verizon's- isn't affected, yet that's only mentioned and not highlighted. It seems, Phonearena, that you've been posting an unusual number of these stories recently.

5. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

As a android user don't you want to know your information is compromised. IPhone 4 antenna is sue was reported everywhere even though it turned out to be a non issue. First best buy is biased against the xoom and now phone arena hates Android? You're a gem. I'm using a thunderbolt for my work phone by the way.

6. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I think Skype has some explaining to do.... I would like to know why they store our data in such an insecure way :/

9. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Congratulations, Taco. You win the prize for blatant idiocy. The "death grip" is a real issue on the iPhone 4, I can do it to any brand new model that comes through my store. My information is not compromised; the article specifically states that Verizon's Android models are not affected. If this is really an issue then it will be fixed, rather than Jobs coming out on stage and telling you that you're operating Skype the wrong way.

2. cc unregistered

Oh dear god, I better go buy an iPhone.

3. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

But this is expected. It's OPEN, remember? Hahahahahahaha

4. Kjayhawk

Posts: 294; Member since: Oct 07, 2010

incorrect, this could have been easily avoidable.. FAIL

7. derp unregistered


8. arnasm unregistered

Android users shouldn't be surprised. Android and Google are all about getting your private information and selling it to the highest bidder. Google is a huge monster that slows down internet like no one else. Here are some steps to be taken: 1. Never use any device with Google operating system; 2. Never use Chrome; 3. Prohibit google syndication and google analytics cites in your browser. If you have firefox, get a no script addon and permanently set as untrusted any cite with google name. You will notice how much faster your browsing will become.

10. Путешествия|отд unregistered

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