Android users can deposit checks to their account with Deposit@Mobile

Android users can deposit checks to their account with Deposit@Mobile
Early last fall we reported about an iPhone app that allows you to use the camera to take snapshots of a check and have it deposited to your account – all from the comforts of your home. Now USAA’s Deposit@Mobile app will be available for all Android users – that’s unless you’re running something below Android 1.6. It offers the same level of convenience found on the iPhone app with a few extras such as an ATM locator, detailed accident checklist, loan calculator, and a car rental locator. You can simply deposit checks from anywhere by taking an image of the front and back of an endorsed check – which is then electronically sent over by the app. You’ve got to wonder when other financial institutions will begin offering this kind of service; just think about the lines you won’t have to wait on anymore after getting out of work. At least USAA bank members are able to use this convenient service right now.

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1. allboutverizon

Posts: 66; Member since: May 20, 2009

That doesn't sound to trusting, I hate using my Bank of America app, and at least that is made by Bank of America. Hummmmmmm, sounds risky.

2. jundibasam

Posts: 119; Member since: Aug 05, 2009

I am a loyal USAA customer, and I've used this and their Depsit@Home tool before, which has been around for 5 years now, and its very reliable and effective. It tells you when you try to deposit it whether it will go through or not. If it doesn't go through (which 99% of the time it does) then it gets put into your account immediately. If it doesn't, you just have to try it again. It works almost exactly like their Deposit@Home that lets you scan the check on your PC and deposit it right into your bank account so you don't have to send it to them or take it to a branch. Its an awesome service. The only issue I've found with it is that you can't deposit money orders this way. I think its the way the amount is printed on them that affects it, but I've always had difficulty with using a Money Order with this app or their Deposit@home service.

3. Nobodey

Posts: 76; Member since: Jan 03, 2010

It really is annoying me to have all these apps that I want be denied me because Sprint is skipping 1.6 for the Hero. 3 months ago it was the best phone there was, now, because of the shoddy support, its not even in the top 5.

4. easytochris

Posts: 126; Member since: Jan 21, 2010

it could be worse, you could have the droid eris. i mean sure it's the same phone, but eff verizon.

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