Android sees over 9,000 apps added in March to its market

Android sees over 9,000 apps added in March to its market
There is this consistent trend we've been seeing with Android of late and there seems to be no end in sight in the amount of applications being developed for the platform. The most recent statistics from saw yet another new pinnacle reached by the Android Market as March witnessed 9,331 new applications being added – which clearly displays an increasing trend for the amount of new apps made available each month. In December of last year alone, the Android Market saw 3,807 new apps while another 4,458 were seen in the following month of January. February saw 5,532 new arrivals and of course the figure posted for March shows the substantial amount of growth being seen with Android in terms of apps. Yet another pinnacle may be reached by the time April is over – the Android Market has the potential to see the amount reach 5 digits which easily will give some its competitors a run for their money. When comparing to the market leader, Apple's App Store, the developer ecosystem around the Android platform has seen an expansive growth in a relatively short amount of time. With 27,243 applications available in the Android Market, there is still a gap between the number that the App Store offers – but if these trends continue on their current path, there will eventually be a time when Android will clearly take the crown.

source: AndroidLib via Read Write Web


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