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Android developers unite against Google, want fairer rules

Android developers unite against Google, want fairer rules
Some Android developers have decided to take the power into their own hands, and formed an anti-Google group called The Android Developers Union.

They present themselves in the following way:

"This is the Android Developers Union blog! This blog will host stories by developers and customers who have been screwed by the Android Market, updates about our campaigns to improve the Market conditions, and comments on the response from Google!"

One of the seven demands that these unhappy developers have made is the renegotiation of the 32% Google takes for every app that's sold through the Android Market. If their complaints are not taken into account, the devs claim that they will move to another platform and will try to convince other developers to follow their path.

The Union's blog is also a place where various developers write how they have been mistreated by Google. One such example is Ric, who has created more than 18 Android apps. His problems started when he released an application called Rapid Download!, which was later removed without any warning or notification.

After that, he contacted Google, and received some automated e-mails. When he started to receive non-automated e-mails, they were of no use, except for the one that he says "threatened" him. According to him, the mail read:

"[If he]... violated the rules again, [his] account would be deactivated and all of [his] applications would be removed from the Market."

As he makes a living from Android apps, this would mean he is without a job and without an income. He continues:

"This kind of treatment is unacceptable. Since I began developing Android applications two years ago, Google has collected over $14,000 in “service fees” as part of their 30 percent tax on all sales – and the only service they have ever provided me is a threatening letter."

Do you think these developers will succeed against Google?

source: TechEye via Phandroid

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