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Android apps and notifications coming to Chromebooks

Android apps and notifications coming to Chromebooks
One of the big questions with Google has always been in how the company would handle its two platforms - Android and Chrome. At first, it seemed like Android would replace Chrome OS, but Sundar Pichai put an end to the project that would have brought Android to laptops. Now, we're seeing how Android and Chromebooks are going to start growing together, including syncing and even Android apps.

Pichai showed off nice features like notifications on a Chromebook to let you know when someone is calling your phone, if you receive a text, or if your battery is low. These look to be more like Motorola Connect than what we've already seen with Hangouts, but it is unclear right now. The more important update though is that Android apps are coming to Chromebooks. 

Pichai says that the feature is still in the very "early days", but the demo already looks promising. Google showed off Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine apps from Android running natively on a Chromebook. Performance looked good, and the apps had full access to the camera and such. The only question is exactly how users will control these apps, because there are only a couple touchscreen Chromebooks right now, and these apps are not designed for keyboard/mouse input. 

No word on when Android apps will make it to Chrome OS, but we'll be keeping an eye out. 

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