Android O will let you hear your own custom ringtone through your Bluetooth device


When it comes to technology, people often don't realize just how much work goes into the details — but they sure do once something's just a little off. And this has long been the case when it comes to Android's support for Bluetooth, which lacks several seemingly minor features which actually turn out to be quite useful.

Case in point: what happens when you've paired your wireless headset to your smartphone, and someone calls you? Right now, you can only hear the (often terrible) default ringing your Bluetooth device provides, while whatever custom ringtone you've actually set on your phone gets lost in the void.

However, a new feature in the upcoming Android O, as uncovered by the folks at XDA Developers, will finally put an end to this behavior and let you hear those glorious first three seconds of your favorite Carly Rae Jepsen song through your wireless headphones. If you know where to find it, of course: right now, the option to enable this (named "Enable in-band ringing") is tucked inside the Developer options submenu, which itself is hidden to normal users.

So with its next two Pixel handsets both ditching the headphone jack, it seems Google is finally taking Bluetooth users more seriously — for example, we recently found out the company has also been working behind the scenes to finally let users see their wireless devices' battery status without resorting to third-party apps. This feature, however, won't be making its way to Android 8.0, though we're hoping it comes soon after that.

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