Android: How to tell who has been messing with your smartphone

ANDROID: How to tell who has been messing with your smartphone
Chances are that if you have a smartphone or a tablet, there's stuff on it that you wouldn't like every single person around you to have access to - text messages, images, video, apps, you name it. Sure, you can hide your private images or lock down certain apps using software made for that purpose, but such a solution isn't always enough to keep prying eyes away. What if you want to see who has been secretly messing with your Android device without telling you? Well, in that case, there's a few apps that can come in handy. These three Android applications will let you know when your smartphone or tablet is being used and will help you catch the culprit red-handed. Check them out below!

Anti Theft Alarm is a simple security app we'd recommend using as long as you're near your smartphone or tablet - near enough to hear the siren that will go off the very instant your device is picked up. Here's how to use it:

Clip Ninja ($1.41)

This app does not lock your device in any way. Instead, it monitors the user's activity and logs everything they type (except passwords). Clip Ninja is meant to be an advanced clipboard manager and not a spy application, but it will probably do just fine for figuring out what a smartphone or tablet has been used for without its owner's knowledge. Here's what you need to know about the app:

GotYa! ($1.99)

This app will take a photo of whoever turns on the screen on your Android smartphone or tablet (assuming it has a front-facing camera, of course). Photos will also be captured each time someone enters a wrong lock screen password or pattern, thus exposing the identity of the one who stole your device, or was just going through your stuff. But that's not all GotYa! can do:

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