Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry 9780 has 1400 diamonds set in 18ct gold, costs $26 000

Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry 9780 has 1400 diamonds set in 18ct gold, costs $26 000
If you are an eager buyer of luxury phones, then you would surely be glad that a British citizen by the name of Alexander Amosu has a new offer for you - the BlackBerry 9780 with black diamonds on it.

The company of the UK entrepreneur has offered luxury gadgets in the past, like the diamond iPad, but now it's time for a BlackBerry handset with around 1400 diamonds on it, (which have a weight of approximately 15cts VVS1) set in 18ct black gold to be made available for purchase.

Called the Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry, it also offers some other perks like a unique golden number (UK only), which has six consecutive digits at the end, for example 07xxx111111, a crocodile case in color of your choice, not to mention that you can further personalize your Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry with your name on it or your company's logo. Moreover, you have the chance to reuse the handset's diamonds and gold, i.e. to incrustate them into another device or to create a jewelry out of them thanks to Amosu's goldsmiths.

The Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry costs (around) $26,000 (£16,000).

source: Amosu



1. Hallucinator

Posts: 390; Member since: May 24, 2010

What a waste of perfectly good diamonds

2. Samsung Mobile Price List unregistered

Samsung Mobile Price List Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry with your name on it or your company's logo. Moreover, you have the chance to reuse the handset's diamonds and gold.

3. Tottenham

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

Does anyone actually buy this stupid-assed stuff, or is it like the two-million dollar gem encrusted bra that some company makes as an advertisement? I mean, really, how insecure would you have to be to pay 26 G's for a $500 phone, just so you can show everybody else how "superior" you are to them. If you want to feel good about having a boatload of money, buy a bunch of computers for an under-funded school, donate to an animal shelter or a food pantry, or something else truly worthwhile.

4. ATTCallCenter unregistered

You made your money, why do you have to donate it? Only way i'd "donate" to these needy schools is if I bought it, bought the animal shelter, bought the food pantry. If I had a boatload of money what makes you think I should share it? I'm sure you'd like a piece too

5. Tottenham

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

You missed the point I was trying to make. I'm not advocating that everyone who has good fortune needs to give away most of their money. However, the only reason one would buy something like this would be to show how much money they have. That can be done in better ways. If you buy a diamond ring, a painting, or even a collectible baseball card, you are purchasing something that is going to appreciate, and be worth something 20, 30, 100 years from now. If you buy a $26,000 phone, it's going to be obsolete in 2 years or less, and then what in hell are you going to do with it? No way in hell are you going to be able to deconstruct this thing and get your money out of it. My point about donating is that if you want to show how well you've done, there are better ways than throwing it away on disposable bling. Of course, as I said, there are people out there who only believe they can show their success by purchasing useless crap that won't impress anyone other than themselves and their ilk. From your comment, I take it you fall into that category.

6. ibap

Posts: 865; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Clearly for those with more money than sense. What's that quote about no one ever losing money by underestimating the public?

10. PatrickA unregistered

Obviously you don’t know much about the brand, buying gold and diamonds are investments as in the past two years they gone up in price. Anyone that buys an Amosu is buying an investment whilst they know the phone is valueless after two years. The gold and diamond can be reused either on an upgraded phone or jewellery making the person invest everlasting. And how do you know the person who purchased this item hasn’t already giving to loads of charities and just wanted to spoil themselves for a change. Don’t judge people by their purchases.

12. maestro kenya unregistered


13. Marina unregistered

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