Samsung Galaxy S20 5G's price drops to just $300 at AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G's price drops to just $300 at AT&T
If you're in the market for a 5G smartphone, there aren't many options available in the United States and all of them are quite expensive. Assuming you don't mind committing to a long term contract, we have the perfect deal for you, courtesy to AT&T.

Starting today and through April 30, AT&T offers the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G for just $300, but you'll have to add a new line to an existing or new account. On top of that, you'll have to pay the $30 activation fee and pay taxes on the full retail price upfront.

Last but not least, the new line you add must have unlimited wireless service that costs a minimum of $75 per month. The good news is existing customers can add to eligible existing unlimited plans, which might cost less.

If you don't mind all the caveats mentioned above, then you'll receive $700 in bill credits applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly installments. According to AT&T, credits will start within 3 bills, and in case you decide to go for the deal, you'll receive catch-up credits once bill credits start.

So, yeah, you get to pay $300 for the Galaxy S20 5G spread across 30 months, but you'll be forced into an unlimited contract. You can find the deal's link below if you don't mind the downsides.

Check out the deal at AT&T

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