AT&T stands to offer new GoPhone plans stating on October 3rd

AT&T stands to offer new GoPhone plans stating on October 3rd
The prepaid market is undoubtedly fierce since we continue to see carriers slash prices and make new offerings to better accommodate the needs of consumers who prefer the no-contract route. However, AT&T stands to launch their new GoPhone plan offerings starting on October 3rd which should conveniently compete against the rash of competition out there.

First and foremost, customers will now have the option of using their Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan which is priced at $2 per day – which only happens on the days you actually use the device. So for those who can go on for days and not use their phone, this should prove to be a good solution.

In addition, AT&T will also be dishing up an unlimited talk and text plan which starts at $60 per month while their $75 per month one will offer unlimited talk, text, and 200MB of data.

Finally, placing phone calls will be more affordable since their new Simple Rate plans will only cost $0.10 per minute. So if any of these might fit your personal needs, just be sure to check them out when they go live in a few days.

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1. MichaelNY2001 unregistered

How are these plans any different than what AT&T already has??? Still 60 bucks, and other than elderly who perhaps use the phone 2-3 per week it's uselss for us who use it everyday, quite heavily. Not to mention that it's 60 plus taxes and fees. Ill stick to the regular plans, thanks.

2. GayT&T unregistered

AT&T is shit. You can get a better deal with Virgin or Straight Talk on Prepaid, plus you won't drop every other call.

3. Dihce unregistered

The $60 plan is exactly the same, the changes are to the other 3 options. $2/day = Unlimited Talk and Txt with unlimited txt to 100 countries world wide $75 = Unlimited Talk and Txt and 200MB data and $.10/minute is $.15/minute cheaper than previously offered. The $75 plan is the best value overall for these plans. To buy data packages on prepaid is $20 per 100mb so adding 200mb for just $15 is quite a deal. As stated in previous press releases, 65% of Mobile web users stay under 200MB/month and that's just the SmartPhone users.. Prepaid users should never have any issue staying under 200mb Just my 2 cents, you mileage may vary

4. Jyakotu

Posts: 867; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

I think these are excellent new GoPhone plans. The $75 option does sound very pleasing. I mean, honestly, if you're on prepaid, you probably don't use data that much anyway. AT&T realized this and decided to make calling and text unlimited, but if you're a data user, just pay an extra $15 for 200MB of data. Perfect.!

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