AT&T plans to raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans

AT&T plans to raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans
AT&T has been in a long-standing fight to try to find a way to force users on grandfathered unlimited data plans to the new tiered data plans, but obviously there are quite a few users who don't want to give up on their unlimited data. AT&T's latest move is a pretty slight one and probably won't get too many people to jump ship, because it is only a $5 bump.

Reports came out a bit early, but AT&T has confirmed that it will be hiking the price of grandfathered unlimited plans by $5, so they will now cost $35. That's still a pretty great deal though, because right now you would only get 2GB of data for $30. AT&T tried to minimize the move in the press release, saying that it will be the first rate increase in 7 years for unlimited data customers. 

The rate increase will go into effect in February 2016, but the company didn't say exactly what day in February it would be. And, of course even the grandfathered "unlimited" plan does have a limit on it, which is that after 22GB of usage users do get throttled, but that's an unfortunate norm for wireless plans. 

source: AT&T via 9to5Mac


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