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AT&T launches Samsung Eternity

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AT&T launches Samsung Eternity
AT&T launches Samsung Eternity
With the holiday season getting close and AT&T releasing phones left and right, it comes to no surprise that they have launched Samsung's haptic feedback device named Eternity today as well.

The new multimedia phone comes with a 30-day free trial period for AT&T Mobile TV and features a full touch QWERTY keypad. The Eternity is also fitted with an accelerometer which comes into play for photo scrolling (by tilting the phone), games (ones dependent on motion sensing) and the auto rotation of the screen.

AT&T's brand new addition supports quad-band frequencies for worldwide GSM/EDGE networks but is limited to the US with the dual-bands in regards to 3G. Not only does it come with haptic feedback, the Eternity is also equipped with a 3 megapixel camera along with video capture functionality and an expandable microSD card slot that holds up to 8GB. The device is also capable of various services offered by AT&T such as Napster Mobile, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Mobile Music and Video Share calling.

The rich feature set on the Eternity is highly complimented by the addition of Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. This UI enables the user to have easy access to his/her favorite features with the use of customizable widgets. These widgets can be created by selecting a feature and simply dragging it and then dropping it on to the home screen.

The black and chrome Eternity is priced at $149.99 after a 2-year contract and the 30-day free trial of AT&T Mobile TV is valid till the last day of December '08.

Samsung Eternity Specifications

source: Samsung

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

sweet phone...does it have a full html browser?

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 16:50

2. (unregistered)

i want this phoneeeee!!!! :) i've been waiting so long for the right one. now that it's here and has everything i want, all i have to do is buy it! :)

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 16:59

3. sinfulta (unregistered)

It uses touch wiz which is Windows Mobile 6.1. So yes it will have a HTML browser. It does not specify if it's Opera or IE. But you can bet on IE.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 17:03

4. (unregistered)

finally a blog with out some dumb ass vzfanboy comment WOOOHOOOO

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 18:37

6. (unregistered)

I bet I can get that started..... iPhone... Here it comes..... wait for it......

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 18:53

7. (unregistered)

to clarify this is not a win mobile device. I believe it does have a full html browser.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 19:29

10. (unregistered)

#6 hahaha! Serious

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 20:23

11. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

lol, hello there have only been like 2 comments how can you tell already there wont be any "fanboys"? i dont think this is the right article to bash at&t so i hope no one does :-). this phone kinda reminds me of the samsung omnia. its a cool name too.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 20:30

12. Armo (unregistered)

this is NOT a windows mobile device! touch wiz was first used on a feature phone (the f480 tocco) maybe a few other phones THEN the omnia. but that doesnt mean it will not have a full HTML browser. i've seen the browser in action on phonedog.com and it looks quite nice. and just to let everyone know, this is not a dumb version of the omnia. its the stripped down, at&t version of t-mobiles behold.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 20:35

13. (unregistered)


posted on 14 Nov 2008, 21:13

15. (unregistered)

it reminds of the behold more than the omnia... at&t and verizon get all of the sweetest phones and it gets on my freakin nerves.. tmobile gets a nice phone once every blue moon

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 17:13

5. (unregistered)

This looks very similar to the i900 Omnia, but the specs are slightly different. Does this have a model number before AT&T changed it to the eternity?

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 18:54

8. (unregistered)

Its not the omnia, the model number is a867.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 19:05

9. Self (unregistered)

how's the web browser?

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 22:42

17. (unregistered)

There is no way it will come close to any Verizon web browser. Big Red wins again, so sorry gayt&t :(

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 13:18

22. (unregistered)

Well, there was your first VZW Fanboy post... good job fag!

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 15:15

25. (unregistered)


posted on 14 Nov 2008, 21:04

14. (unregistered)

I got one and it's a great phone, the browser is HTML.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 21:27

16. (unregistered)

my friend has one and a guy though it was a ... (hint: 6 letters.)

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 02:27

18. tflex (Posts: 146; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)

wow do i hate verizon fanboys! Can't they just admit att's phones are soooo much better than that of verizons...Stupid phones like the juke, envy, chocolate or even RIM Storm does not match up to att's lineup... While verizon fans will have their chocolate 8's in 2012, att will have something entirely new.....AND ALWAYS WILL!

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 15:19

26. (unregistered)

as much as i love att over vzw, that isnt completely true, one of the best texting phones in the market is th env2, plus th storm isnt a phone to take likely either. but hopefully att's 4Q lineup knocks VZW out of the water.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 18:04

27. (unregistered)

Thank you! Verizon fanboys have an average IQ of that of a rat that has had a lobotomy.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 23:04

29. vzw fanman (unregistered)

hahahha lol. i hate vzw fanboys!

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 03:34

19. (unregistered)

nice but what's the point if AT&T service is crappy.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 13:57

23. (unregistered)

it may be crappy where you live but ATT service is usually very good.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 14:20

24. (unregistered)

Perfect where I live. I never have any dropped call or crappy service, ever.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 11:36

20. Jyakotu (unregistered)

A nice phone for people who don't want an Apple iPhone 3G. I actually might pick this one up.

posted on 18 Nov 2008, 17:08

36. (unregistered)

hello, get ready nov. 21st Blackberry STORM!!!!!!!! Circuit City Locations

posted on 19 Nov 2008, 08:00

37. Jyakotu (unregistered)

Whenever RIM is smart enough to release the Blackberry Storm on AT&T, then I'll get it. Until then, the Storm is a no buy for me.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 13:12

21. tflex (Posts: 146; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)

its not crappy at all... i have service everywhere. and att has the fastest 3g network.

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