AT&T announced four new QWERTY phones

AT&T announced four new QWERTY phones
Text fans rejoice, AT&T announced four new phones for you. After a recent Nielson study suggested that some consumers text more than they talk, the carrier will try to make them happy with the announcement of four new phones. These are non-smart handsets with full QWERTY keyboards, which should make them preferable for those who text a lot. The most expensive is $100 after mail-in rebate and a contract, so they shouldn’t break the budget either. All feature instant messenger and email clients.

Pantech Matrix is the first to launch, now available in navy blue and black with green, but will also come in red this Thursday. Like the Duo, it is a dual slider that slides up for numeric keyboard and sideways for the QWERTY. Features include 1.3-megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator and AT&T Video Share. It costs $80 after a contract and a rebate.

Pantech Slate is said to be the world’s thinnest device with a QWERTY keypad. It features 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth and will retail for $50 after a two-year agreement and mail-in rebate. Slate will be available in black and royal blue in late October.

Also in the end of the month will come the Samsung Propel, the i620-like slider. It will be offered in four color variants, including blue, green, red, and white with red. In the $80 price is included the 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, AT&T Navigator and Video Share.

The AT&T Quickfire will come in November and is the most expensive of the four - $100 after a two-year agreement and MIR. It’s a 3G-capable handset with touch-sensitive display and will be available in either orange, lime or silver color.

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24. unregistered

I got the Matrix in Red last week. I couldn't even see any of the letters on the board (which they said they had a lot of complaints about) so I returned it and got the Propel.... I love the Propel so far... great easy phone

17. anonymous1983 unregistered

so i upgrade in february... which phone should consider getting??? its between the centro, the Q, or one of these 4... HELP!!!

18. unregistered

Centro is a POS... Big time... that's about it...

19. unregistered

Buying a Palm device is a bad idea. The OS is clunky,it tries to be a real Smartphone OS like BB or WinMo,but is so clunky and badly organized it makes an ass out of itself. If you go Smarphone,get Symbian(if you're that nerdy,like me),WinMo(if you want something for web browsing and that's about it),BlackBerry(if you just need email) or iPhone(if you just want fun). If you want a messaging phone,go Samsung or wait on Nokia to release a new S40. UtStarom sucks(unless someone else built it for them),Pantech is iffy on a good day;for example,a forum I read recently said about 2-7 out of 10 Pantech phones based on the Ocean fell apart not long after the manufacturer's warranty ran out. Plus,Pantech cameras aren't that great.

22. anonymous1983 unregistered

tnx, that was finally a convincing story not to get a centro, the matrix, or the slate (looks like a POS anyway), so what about the Quickfire, i already have an ipod touch 2G, so im not looking so much for a smart phone, but a txting phone. (and the touch screen is a plus), or the Propel, look cool, its a slider and has a full keyboard.. idk. anyone???

23. unregistered

I would say go eith the Propel. It looks cool and I f I was on At&T I would go for it myself.

16. unregistered

thats what ive been wanting an at&t phone thats like the sidekick. and it adds the touch screen so its perfect I want that!

15. Jyakotu unregistered

The Quickfire is great for me! Now I can stay with AT&T and get a phone that's similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick. Thanks AT&T!!!

13. unregistered

isnt that last one a bit similar to the lg xenon???????????????//

20. unregistered

No,if it were similar or was the Xenon,phonearena would have said so. I spoke to an LG sales rep recentlly who said the Xenon may not be released on at&t because it would cost too much for most customers to feel like paying for. Look for it to be only available unlocked or through Rogers,T-Mo somewhere in Europe,or Russia,but not a carrier in the US.

12. Vinson unregistered

the Propel...I can't stop thinking about the drink haha it seems to be really similar to the Blitz but cooler and I think all 4 phones are pretty neat, especially the quickfire I just hope the UI is neat too

11. unregistered

Lots of nice phones. The Quickfire is the one that most interests me but I'm either getting a XPERIA or Fuze next year when I upgrade.

10. unregistered

the most interesting of that bunch is the Quickfire, but they're all pretty impressive, and i agree, AT&T has almost no QWERTY phones that aren't smartphones

9. unregistered

it is about time. AT&T has really sucked in the texing market.

7. Armanius

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 14, 2008

By "non-smart" handsets, I take it that it means that there is no Exchange synchronization, and the ability to add additional applications like with Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm devices?

8. unregistered


21. unregistered

Opera Mini and some little Java should be available for all of them,and the email will be at&t's non push mobile email app. No Exchange or really cool stuff,but enough to get the job done for the no smartphone consumer.

4. unregistered

I like the propel and the matrix. What about the Lg Xenon?

6. unregistered

i luuuuuuuuuvv the LG Xenon :]]

3. unregistered

Basically direct copies. The Pantehc Matrix copies the Samsung Glyde, the Pantech Slate copies the Nokia E61, the Samsung Propel looks a lot like the Samsung SGH-a737, and the Pantech Quickfire looks like the T-Mobile Sidekick Series of phones. I don't like all of 'em.

5. unregistered

uhhhhh not really =.= the matrix isnt touch screen and its not nearly as fat as the glyde the slate kinda is like the e61 but there are SO many phones like that and yes the propel looks like the 737 but theyve had the version of it in europe out for a while now it used to have windows mobile on it too so this one will be better and yea the quickfire looks like a sidekick ... except it adds touch screen and should be really cool and new all the sidekicks are the same now -sigh-

14. against retards unregistered

The glyde... hahaha. I used to work for VZW, BOO! That phone is problematic! Its slow... it freezes. Come on...that phone is a joke hands down. good luck with a company that all they will do is steal your money and walk away!

2. unregistered

About time!!!!

1. unregistered

yay! finally something more phones like those. I love the quickfire. I hope i can get that. I bought my iphone but hacked it so i never had to sign or renew a contract.

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