AT&T announced four new QWERTY phones

AT&T announced four new QWERTY phones
Text fans rejoice, AT&T announced four new phones for you. After a recent Nielson study suggested that some consumers text more than they talk, the carrier will try to make them happy with the announcement of four new phones. These are non-smart handsets with full QWERTY keyboards, which should make them preferable for those who text a lot. The most expensive is $100 after mail-in rebate and a contract, so they shouldn’t break the budget either. All feature instant messenger and email clients.

Pantech Matrix is the first to launch, now available in navy blue and black with green, but will also come in red this Thursday. Like the Duo, it is a dual slider that slides up for numeric keyboard and sideways for the QWERTY. Features include 1.3-megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator and AT&T Video Share. It costs $80 after a contract and a rebate.

Pantech Slate is said to be the world’s thinnest device with a QWERTY keypad. It features 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth and will retail for $50 after a two-year agreement and mail-in rebate. Slate will be available in black and royal blue in late October.

Also in the end of the month will come the Samsung Propel, the i620-like slider. It will be offered in four color variants, including blue, green, red, and white with red. In the $80 price is included the 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, AT&T Navigator and Video Share.

The AT&T Quickfire will come in November and is the most expensive of the four - $100 after a two-year agreement and MIR. It’s a 3G-capable handset with touch-sensitive display and will be available in either orange, lime or silver color.

source: AT&T
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