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7 Virtual Reality headsets to join the new age with: From cheap to expensive

7 Virtual Reality headsets to join the new age with: From cheap to expensive
According to the results of a still ongoing poll we published yesterday, the vast majority of our readers still haven't tried out Virtual Reality, or VR for short. In fact, a relatively small portion of participants actually own a VR headset. And while the new platform is still, objectively speaking, in its early days, there are already dozens of different headsets that you can buy right now and join the future.

Affordability, obviously, is a major factor when talking about the propagation of a new technology, and we're happy to see so many VR headsets sold as cheaply. Sure, with the more expensive solutions you're getting a more robust product that both looks better and offers better ergonomics, but if you're not yet sold on the new paradigm, there's a cheap way into it that won't leave you in regrets should you conclude that virtual reality is not quite there yet—or just isn't your thing.

So we'll be going through our own list starting with the cheapest solutions out there, slowly climbing up to the most expensive ones. The best part? These headsets are almost all compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so it doesn't matter if you've got an iPhone or not. 


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