60% of Apple Watch users will buy the next generation model sight unseen

60% of Apple Watch users will buy the next generation model sight unseen
Yesterday, we told you that a thinner Apple Watch (by 20% to 40% compared to the current model) could be unveiled during WWDC in June. Besides a thinner design, we could see the Apple Watch 2 come with a FaceTime camera, offer a longer lasting battery, and work as a stand alone device. If so, that means the Apple Watch 2 would be able to make and take phone calls from your wrist, and receive notifications and more without having to be paired to an iPhone.

For 60% of current Apple Watch users, it really doesn't matter what the next version of the timepiece does, they have already made the decision to buy it. That is according to a new survey produced by marketing company Fluent. Of the 2578 people surveyed, 8% own an Apple Watch. Approximately the same percentage own a smartwatch made by another manufacturer. That leaves more than 80% of the respondents owning no smartwatch at all, a big chunk of potential buyers for all smartwatch manufacturers to go after.

The biggest reason for not purchasing an Apple Watch, according to the survey, is the price of the device. After a $50 price cut announced last month, the starting price of the Apple Watch is $299. Those who already own the product pointed to convenience and features as some of the main reasons why they wanted to own the device. Much further down the list was fashion and affordability.

With such a large percentage of Apple Watch users already deciding to buy the next version of the timepiece, it is the remaining 40% that will look hard at the new features of the next-gen wearable to see if it is worth upgrading to.

source: AppleInsider

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