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5 awesome turn-based strategy RPG games for Android and iOS


There's nothing more enjoyable than a good ol' turn-based game that you can play on a smaller screen while on the move. But let's not jump to conclusions, we're sure there are many fans of other genre among our readers.

However, this time we've decided to take a look at some of the most interesting, addictive, 'insert adjective here,' turn-based games for Android and iOS that you might not heard of yet. Since we don't just rely on the ratings from Google Play or App Store when we pick these titles, we've tried them for you and chose only those that we think are worth your time.

Naturally, because there are thousands of turn-based games available on both mobile platforms, we will only highlight those titles that are absolute must play for every fan of the genre.

We've listed these free games in alphabetical order, which means number 1 might not be as good as number 3 from the list, so keep that in mind. That being said, here are some of the best turn-based strategy and turn-based RPG titles that might easily turn any gamer into an addict.

Possibly with more than 10 million downloads combined on both platforms, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is definitely a smash hit. Fans of the The Walking Dead franchise will get to meet some of their favorite character, including Daryl, Rick and Michonne.

In fact, you'll be getting Daryl after 20 minutes of gameplay and you'll soon discover that he can really wreak havoc on the hordes of zombies attacking your survivors. The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is not just a turn-based game with RPG elements, but it's also a strategy game where you must build and upgrade your base of operations.

You can send a team of survivors to find other survivors or supplies for your camp. They can be upgraded as time goes by, but you can gear them up with better weapons and armor when you find them lying around in crates camped by zombies.

Overall, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is complex enough to provide any player with many hours of entertainment, but there are some drawbacks as well, such as the fact that sometimes you feel that you can't advance into the game unless you spend money.

Since it comes with in-app purchases, the game is pretty slow when you reach higher levels and wish to upgrade your buildings and survivors, but if you don't have anything against that, the game is pretty much spot on with the TV show.

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Developer HeroCraft created a mash-up RPG and collectible card genres, which is rather weird for for the Warhammer 40k universe, one of the most beloved franchise in the history of gaming.

The good news is Space Wolf is pretty fun to play and it doesn't require you to be Warhammer fan to enjoy it. In Space Wolf, you'll be leading the Sons of Russ against their sworn enemies, the Chaos Space Marines. The fights in the game are turn-based, with each character having to spend 2 action points each turn.

However, instead of using actual weapons on the battlefield, you'll be using a deck of 30 cards that contains weapons, special abilities, and ammunition. Once you play a card, it won't be available again until the next battle. The gameplay mechanic is pretty simple once you get used to it.

It's also worth mentioning that you can also equip your Space Wolves with weapons that have limited ammunition, hence the cards in your deck that will allow you to reload when necessary.

We've been very surprised that the level of immersion is very deep, even though the game involves two different genres. Still, this might be the only drawback that we've been able to find so far, fans of the Warhammer 40k franchise might consider the combat mechanics a bit uninspiring. 

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Star Wars is an iconic brand, so it would make sense for Disney, the owner of the franchise, to not provide its fans with the best gaming content possible. Obviously, there are times when the final product is not on everyone's taste, but Galaxy of Heroes is one of the best Star Wars games for mobile devices.

Once again, we'll be talking about a game that mixes turn-based fights with collectible cards elements since this is how you'll be getting your heroes and important gear that you will use on them.

There's plenty to do in the game, such as daily activities that require you to complete a certain number of battles leading dark or light force teams, as well as raids where multiple players can team up to take down powerful bosses.

In less than 30 minutes we've manage to unlock both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker characters. Even though they're powerful from the beginning, each character can be upgraded to unlock additional special abilities.

It's the most enthralling Star Wars game with turn-based combat mechanics that we've played, so we strongly recommend it to anyone loving this particular franchise.

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If you haven't noticed by now, the first three games that we've talked about belong to well-known franchises, but that's not the case with the next title. The reason we're putting Fantasy War Tactics in this top 5 turn-based title is because it starts pretty shallow, but become very complex as players advance more into the game.

We've also recognized some Final Fantasy elements that make the game even more immersive, especially for those who like to customize their characters as much as possible. Although it starts unimpressive, after 10 minutes of gameplay it becomes intimidatingly complex.

One thing that we couldn't get past is the storyline and the conversation lines, which are atrociously bad. It's not like we had any doubt that the game is developed by a Chinese team just by looking at the graphics style and the artwork, but reading each line on the screen makes it even more obvious.

However, Fantasy War Tactics is not about the story at all, it's pure turn-based strategy fun. You'll have access to 180 dungeons and more than 50 heroes, as well as hundreds of special items.

The game has a way of making itself enjoyable despite the drawbacks that we've mentioned. Overall, a fun to play turn-based strategic RPG that you shouldn't miss, especially if you like voluptuous in-game characters.

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The name King's Bounty is very popular among PC gamers. It's one of the well-known turn-based strategy game, some even claim it's a Heroes III clone. Still, the game developed by Nival sets itself apart from the Heroes franchise in many ways, some not on positive side.

Legions is the latest game in the King's Bounty universe and is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. It features rich 3D graphics and well-thought gaming mechanics.

If you've ever played a Heroes game before, you'll feel right at home playing King's Bounty: Legions on your phone. Aside from the campaign mode, the game also features PvP battles where you can play against other players.

There are many types of troops that you will be recruiting, each with their special abilities. On top of that, you can upgrade your heroes and gear them up with equipment you find or forge.

The only thing that we've found disappointing is that it pretty slow even on high-end devices. It takes a few seconds to actually execute a command, which becomes annoying after longer gameplay sessions. Another drawback would be the fact that it asks for your Facebook account just about every time you receive a reward.

If you can get past these, King's Bounty: Legion is one of the better turn-based strategy games that you can play on your mobile for free.

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