3G iPhone coming in months

3G iPhone coming in months
At an AT&T lunch, the CEO Ralph de la Vega announced that he expected all of the carrier’s smart integrated devices to be 3G in the not-too-distant feature. When asked if this includes the ‘holy’ iPhone, the answer was affirmative and he said this will happen in months.

Cross your fingers and hope the Cupertino team will bring another revolutionary device, instead of just 3G-capable-old-iPhone.

source: Gizmodo



1. Luigi unregistered

Although inevitable, I wonder how Steve Jobs will respond.

2. beast unregistered

he'll respond promptly coming out with the i-turtleneck with 3-g denim jeans

3. unregistered

el jobso will respond by announcing a HUGE event to tell us all about one item the apple hype machine, running full tilt, all the time

4. harper unregistered

anyone know if apple will have a phone available in cdma

5. unregistered

lets hope it can sen MMS

6. Jenn Grover unregistered

It will still run on T's inferior network. Verizon will not get the iPhone - Apple will not meet Verizon half way on standards.

7. T-Money3000 unregistered

Reply to Jenn: you never know... It takes VZW a year to test phones. They said we'd never get the Pearl or the RAZR. I know iTunes and VCast are a conflict of interest but we'll never know until it happens... or doesn't happen.

8. unregistered

reply to T-Money: thats true about nobody thought vzw wouldnt get the blkbry or rzr but come on...that will be too much of a conflict with VCast....it would be no point....so dont try to think about that one...

9. Seabass unregistered

MMS is a joke, a jesus phone with out it. It's 2008 and the iphone can't send pic's sad story.

10. unregistered

People always talk up GSM and talk like CDMA is a lost cause, but the reality is that all of the PDA'a and Smartphones on Verizon have been 3G for years already so when people make announcements like this its like GSM has to catch up to CDMA not the other weay around

11. Oregonduc unregistered

ATT has at least a 5 year exclusive with the iPhone. As for VZW getting an iPhone they will have to rely on the LG Prada Variants or even with Samsung. GSM over CDMA? Well, GSM has helped with overcall cost in other countries, but it ain't a big deal IMHO. Verizon and ATT announced they will support LTE as 4G which is cool that the 2 Big Boys will use a standard that is the same.

12. unregistered

why make such a big deal out of mms on the Iphone you have access to email just send it via an email attachment. its that simple and its freeeeee!

13. unregistered

Free? Hahaha, yeah... if you say so Mr (or Mrs) MMS. It is a big deal... do you know the email address of all your friend's phone numbers (ie 5554446666@vzwpix.com)? Likely not.

14. unregistered

VCast is gonna be gone soon, Verizon is going to stop running that and get now functions starting with env2, vx9100, should be out this month

15. rockchalk unregistered

Vcast is not going anywhere!!!!! mark my words....Vcast is not going anywhere. remember this......rhapsody+unlimited music downloads=Vcast on every Vcast music phone!

16. jole55 unregistered

I used to have the i-phone but I sold it for the Voyager. When Vcast first came out it was ok to lameish. Since I got the Voyager OMFG Vcast on that phone rocks. There is so many videos on there now its crazy. I'm a very happy Vcast video and mbl tv customer. How many years has it been now that 3g phones have been available? Apple and AT&T are finally coming on board, wow its about time. If the new I-Phone isn't HSDPA+ with the faster upload and downloads it will still be a waste of money. And even if it is AT&T's footprint with HSDPA+ is still a joke.

17. Symbian, Windows Mobile unregistered

Will it really make any difference if the iphone sported 3G? Common, America (and some parts of the globe), what's all the fuss about the iPhone. it's a touchscreen multimedia device with inadequate phone features. sure, SDK will come soon and produce a minority of third party apps. Locked to AT&T and other networks? Jobs neglected the Asian market with higher purchasing power when it comes to mobile devices. Common, where's the capitalism and commercialism in that? AT&T and the rest of the networks with supposed exclusivity over the iPhone are not blind, they know that a considerable percentage of unlocked iPhones are being sold in other countries. But that's the end of it, they just know but can do nothing about it. An AT&T customer will pay 399 USD; it is supposedly cheaper this way as the remainder of the price will be paid by the TWO year subscription. Another subscriber from the Philippines, for example, will pay 400 to 500 USD with no subscription whatsoever but decides in the end to settle for the ipod touch and buy a more capable Symbian or Windows Mobile. Thank God the iPhone fever is abating. It's not really what a smart person would buy. In our med school for example the OS platform ratio is 5:4:0.000000001) (Windows Mobile: Symbian: iPhone). Cheers to Apple for producing a phone which inspired other manufacturers to produce and design better phones... pressure, pressure, pressure. Watch out for: S60 Touch UI and UIQ 3.3; Of course WM6.0 still does the job. Oh, iphone user, I hope you know what all of these mean? "Because eye candies are just and nothing but..."

18. unregistered

vcast boy is right, vcast is leaving, along with all get it now features, in a couple months. verzion is converting to a media center thing like cing/att. as for 3G iphone.... umm did u forget by the time u get your uber cool iphone v2 with 3G the rest of the planet will have n exodus and we will be living on different planets, naw serious when it comes out att is rolling out HSPDA 7.1Mbps architecture, and then really whats 3G gonna mean?

19. client #9 unregistered

It really is suprising that the iPhone is only just now ungrading to 3G, like 3G is something new and cool and going to be around much longer. For a company that likes to revolutionaize computing and networking Apple really missed the boat when they got in bed with ATT. On the positive, the iPhone is still so much more than a phone: it's a computing platform that allows regular renewal and refreshing, but who cares when you're stuck trying to use it with ATT? I almost hate to say it, but get an ipod touch and some other phone.

20. unregistered

I agree with +/- agreeance. it is complicated to produce a phone with the intention to capitalize by linking with a network. Product development becomes biased and geared towards content and network usage rather than harnessing the true potential of the device - a device that would work at its optimum regardless of the network it is connected to. iPhone has a lot of potential: the best interface and high resources let down by dismal personalization option and strict iTunes only program update and/or installation.

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