Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup could replace the Lightning port with USB Type-C

Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup could replace the Lightning port with USB Type-C
In recent times, Apple has largely encouraged the adoption of USB Type-C within the PC industry via its MacBook launches. Despite these efforts, though, the company has shown no sign of interest in the smartphone segment, something that may be about to change.

After years of using its own proprietary Lightning connector in its iPhone devices, 2019 may finally be the year Apple switches over to the more common USB Type-C port. Specifically, the Silicon Valley-based giant is said to currently be in the redesign phase, with the rollout set to happen late next year. This contradicts earlier rumors that stated the adoption would happen with this year's iPhone lineup, but, according to the sources, Apple simply doesn't have the time to include the port in such a late phase of development, hence why it's being scheduled for next year instead. Nevertheless, the company still has some changes scheduled for its next fall lineup, namely the inclusion of a redesigned charger in the box that will allow for fast charging.
Currently, the USB Type-C connector has seen a pretty fast pace of adoption within the flagship smartphone industry. However, when it comes to lower-end models, the adoption rate is significantly lower. Once Apple adopts the technology, though, manufacturers of cheaper smartphone offerings will likely start adopting the technology at a much faster pace until it eventually becomes the standard within the industry.

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1. notfair

Posts: 765; Member since: Jan 30, 2017

more apple gadgets are thrown away... or maybe they will provide a dongle?

19. sgodsell

Posts: 7570; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Well there is a number of things wrong with Apples proprietary lightning ports and connectors. First, there is the speed issue. It is restricted to slower speeds and only has 8 wires. USBC ports, connectors and cables can go much faster than any lightning cable. Second, lightning is restricted to only so much current. Where as USBC can support much higher current. Third, USBC can support and drive a lot more devices on one port compared to any lightning ports. Just because of the last 3 things alone shows how lightning needs to die. But it goes even further than that. If you have any of the newer monitors or TVs that have USBC ports, then you can plug in any USBC MacBook, laptop, computer, Android device into those devices directly. You can't do that with any iPhone because of that proprietary lightning. None of the TV or monitor OEMs support lightning because of Apples proprietary lightning crap. Apple has back themselves in a corner with their proprietary lightning crap. But it certainly makes money for them. However it still can't get around the technical issues surrounding lightning. So it's better if Apple embraces USBC as it is superior over lightning.

2. Jacksie66 unregistered

And lose out on all that 3rd party accessory money? Sounds like bollox to me..


Posts: 945; Member since: Feb 23, 2014

They did it when they moved to the lightening connector. What's to say they won't do it again?

5. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

But that was from one proprietary connector to another. They were going to make money on both. They can't do the same with USB C.

12. Boast_Rider

Posts: 536; Member since: Sep 14, 2017

They actually gained more accessory money, since all those with already existing accessory had to buy new lightning ones. Here, they are just losing out on revenue, since type C is an open standard, and hence already existing accessories from 3rd party will work. No need to be apple certified as well. For example, the dongles I have from my macbook pro, and the macbook fast charger will work with the iPhone.

3. Vokilam

Posts: 1368; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Extremely doubtful!!! Proprietary MFi is a lucrative part of apples business and a small industry of its own.

14. worldpeace

Posts: 3135; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

Right.. They'll lost income from "Lightning licensing fees" if they use Type-C

6. Cat97

Posts: 1976; Member since: Mar 02, 2017

To be honest, the Apple port looks better designed than the USB Type-C. I am an Android user and I already had an original Samsung cable fail, it does not stay attached anymore. My Amazon Basic cables also seem to be loosening a lot. The USB-C port is very fragile and flimsy, while the Apple current Lightning port does not have a contact strip in the center and I think it simply holds better with use and abuse. If Apple replaces Lightning with USB-C, it will learn this the hard way, a lot of careless iPhone users will have their port break quite fast.

8. Jacksie66 unregistered

Apple ports break a lot anyway. I used to work in a phone repair shop and loads of iPhones came in with broken ports or usually, just full up and clogged full of dirt. Charger wouldn't go in then..

13. Boast_Rider

Posts: 536; Member since: Sep 14, 2017

Type C is a much more powerful port. If lightning was better, it would be used on the macbook as well. Does it? Lightning was needed since the open option on that time was micro-B cables, which couldn't be plugged both ways and were a lot more flimsy. Type-C on the other hand is about just as durable (my oneplus 3 has one and is just as sturdy as it was 2 years ago, same with my macbook pro), supports a lot more standards (thunderbolt, displayport, usb, audio, PD etc) and is practically the industry standard right now. A lot of careless iPhone users breaking their ports is actually in favor of Apple. They get to charge their exorbitant repair/replacement prices.

15. worldpeace

Posts: 3135; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

Type-C is more ubiquitous in future, since it will replace the regular USB. And it have much faster transfer rate (and still getting faster by newer standard), and support up to 100W power delivery.

7. Back_from_beyond

Posts: 1472; Member since: Sep 04, 2015

The amount of Apple glorification in this article is ridiculous. As if both the smartphone and PC industry depend on Apple to lead the way forward. Most brands have already adopted the USB type C port on their high end and mid range smartphones. Some have even brought it to low end devices. Apple will only make this move if they can make more money off doing it. You can bet that if they go through with it, anything that wants to work on iPhones/iPads with a Type C connector, will have to get Apple certification or else it won't work at all.

9. pecapello

Posts: 107; Member since: Feb 19, 2015

Man just picture this: your biggest client comes to you after you write a prasing article about him and says: "keep these coming boi and I will keep your income". What would any living soul do ?

10. MaryPoopins

Posts: 324; Member since: Jan 15, 2015

"Once Apple adopts the technology, though, manufacturers of cheaper smartphone offerings will likely start adopting the technology at a much faster pace until it eventually becomes the standard within the industry." Man alive, just how far up does your tongue reach?

11. jellmoo

Posts: 2660; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

Like it or not, he's not wrong.

17. worldpeace

Posts: 3135; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

According to GSMarena phone finder, there are 308 smartphone models using Type-C port right now, and what apple did will change nothing, it's already a trend and Apple is late again.

18. toukale

Posts: 668; Member since: Jun 10, 2015

@Worldpeace - Spoken like someone who does not know what they are talking about. You do know Apple had 18 engineers working on developing USB-C, second only to Intel 22. Google had 9 fyi. Some people just say things they have no idea off. "Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt."

20. MaryPoopins

Posts: 324; Member since: Jan 15, 2015

@toukale - So Apple had all those engineers and are still 3 years late to the party? Ok, glad you cleared that up for us :)

21. toukale

Posts: 668; Member since: Jun 10, 2015

@MaryPoopins - Actually they were one of the first to offer a USB-C device on the market. They just don't see the value in adopting USB-C on ios devices when usb-c became available. Fanboy like you only care about making smarty comments on forum sites like this one. You have no idea on what goes on with decision like this. Apple could not turn around 3 years after they change to lightning and replace it with usb-c. They got a ton of bad press when they went to lightning, and they were replacing a part that's been around for 10 years. Imagine the number of bad press for replacing it when its only been around for 3. Besides, they won't replace the lightning side of the cable, only the power side, so they can take advantage of moving data faster. The lightning part of the cable is not going away. That rumor have been around for about 18 months already. Its nothing new.

16. picia89

Posts: 8; Member since: May 24, 2018

They don't. It is really easy to predict the Apple next step. Everything is focused on money. - Remove 3.5 mm audio output -> sell external adapter - Increase CPU power efficiency by 30% -> make the battery smaller (Iphone 7 and 8) - Decrease CPU speed on the "old" devices -> push users to buy new phone Apple is not the same company like it was when Steve Jobs was the CEO. People believe that they have something special and unique but this time is gone.

22. xfire99

Posts: 1207; Member since: Mar 14, 2012

What a crap article. Low end phones wont give a s**t what Apple does. Its just a freaking USB-C port and no one give a s**t whenever apple adopt it or not.


Posts: 2817; Member since: Oct 03, 2012

For the European Union they have to use USB end of 2018, this is mandatory. So no more crap dongles from this rotten fruit company!

24. Jrod99

Posts: 778; Member since: Jan 15, 2016

I’m really digging wireless anyways but guess we see if this happens.

27. michaelny2001

Posts: 345; Member since: Aug 01, 2012

late to the party as usual. welcome to 2018, we've been here since 2016. (usb tYPE c)

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