2016 bug fix available for Alltel, Telus, and US Cellular HTC handsets

2016 bug fix available for Alltel, Telus, and US Cellular HTC handsets
With January winding down to a close, we may soon see the last remnants of the 2016 bug that’s been plaguing Windows Mobile handsets. From unofficial to official fixes for a handful of handsets, the battle against the bug is almost complete. Just as a refresher, it affected the incoming/outgoing text message timestamps with the year 2016 associated with it – just one more thing that could throw users off. HTC released a plethora of official fixes for Telus, US Cellular, and Alltel HTC handsets – the Diamond, Touch Pro, and Touch Pro2. The only major wireless carrier to not offer any official patches so far is Verizon Wireless. You may want to reconsider installing this if you’ve got a custom ROM running on your handset; things can get a little bit haywire during the process. Let’s hope that this may be the last time an annoying bug like this strikes us again. The timing for all these hotfixes makes you really wonder the severity of the problem – wireless carriers may have been lax and didn’t think of it to immensely impact the user experience; luckily they’re being addressed

via WMExperts


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