20 Apple iPhones stolen from Apple Store in California as customers look on

20 Apple iPhones stolen from Apple Store in California as customers look on
Just last month, we showed you the surveillance video from an Apple Store in Fresno where four hooded robbers grabbed 26 items worth $27,000 in just seconds. History repeated itself this past Tuesday at an Apple Store inside the Roseville Galleria. Similar to last month's heist, the robbers did their dirty work in front of customers mulling around inside the store.

While the thieves were inside the store for only a short period of time, they managed to abscond with 20 iPhone handsets, an Apple iPad mini and a pair of MacBook Pro laptops. The devices stolen were valued at over $20,000. The Roseville Police Department said that similar to the previous robbery, the four male adults were wearing hoodies and sneakers and appeared to be unarmed. Like the incident that took place in Fresno, the thieves yanked the stolen devices hard enough to snap the cords that tethered them to the tables used by customers to demo these Apple products.

The shoppers who witnessed the theft whipped out their phones to take pictures, but otherwise did not intervene. A picture allegedly showing two of the thieves can be viewed at the top of this article. If you have information on the robbery, or recognize the people in the picture, call (916) 774-5000.


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