$19 a month everything unlimited plan, by Republic Wireless

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Howdy there! Why, you sure don't need no nobody telling you that the size of monthly plan payments is through the roof – that's just a fact. Nay, instead, we're here to break the news that a new boy is in town – Republic Wireless – and it offers you pretty much everything for $19 a month.

With a hilarious ad (which you can see above), Republic Wireless teases an enticing, asterisk-free solution to our monthly carrier woes: no contracts, no overages and no hogwash.

“Cut to the chase, will you? What's this about?” you say, and we oblige. Simply put, at $19 a month, Republic Wireless offers you unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts, contract free.

So where's the catch? Turns out, there isn't one, except that the service is only available on a special version Motorola DEFY XT that comes with the company's innovative Wi-Fi Hybrid Calling technology built in. Unlike traditional carriers, the company is able to offer you the appealing price point because of the way the aforementioned tech works. Namely, you get a hybrid of a Wi-Fi and cellular phone, meaning that whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available, calls will be placed through that (at a fraction of the usual cost). Should the signal prove insufficient or altogether missing, the device will seamlessly route your calls, texts and data needs through Sprint's 3G network at no extra charge. That being said, we truly hope we see this tech on a wider range of smartphones.

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