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10 USB flash drives made for Android smartphones and tablets

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10 USB flash drives made for Android smartphones and tablets
USB flash drives are awesome, we hope you'll agree with that. They are cheap, tiny, lightweight, and very useful for moving files across computers. The USB flash drives we have for you today, however, are even more awesome than that. They come with both a standard-sized and a micro USB port, which enables them to work not only with computers, but with Android smartphones and tablets as well. 

How does the magic happen? Well, thanks to USB On-The-Go – a specification of the USB standard which allows a mobile device to have USB peripherals connected to it. Most recent Android smartphones and tablets are USB OTG-friendly and would recognize a USB flash drive when one is connected to them. This is useful for moving stuff between devices, or for using the same collection of files across a computer and a mobile gadget. What makes things even better is that these fancy USB OTG-compatible flash drives are pretty affordable. For example, many of the models below can give you 64 gigs of storage for roughly $40, and the cheaper ones go for under 15 bucks. Not bad, huh? 

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