Create, play, share: We Are One has gotten an exciting level creator update

Create, play, share: We Are One has  gotten an exciting level creator update
Hey VR enthusiasts, have you heard about the virtual puzzle world? We Are One, the engaging VR puzzle game, has something new to offer. This latest update comes with an exciting new feature: a level creator! Courtesy of Flat Head Studio — an Austrian indie-game studio — and the publisher of Fast Travel Games, it’s a completely free add-on to the base game

The developers are on a roll, consistently delivering cool updates that ramp up the fun factor. And for those rocking a Meta Quest 3, there's even more to celebrate. The game recently received a visual upgrade, enhancing the VR experience to be more immersive and visually striking.

The latest update is an invitation for players to unleash their creativity. Available for the best VR headsets such as — the Meta Quest platforms and PC VR via SteamVR — it lets you become the puzzle master. You can now design your own levels by picking enemy types, setting level themes, and deciding the course duration.

The level creator is seamlessly integrated into the base game, so no need for additional software. Here’s what you can do once you have it:

  • Build your levels and share them with the community. Or explore levels created by others, play them, and even tweak them to your liking.
  • The customizable settings give you the freedom to craft the puzzles you envision. Pick from various terrains and skyboxes like Forest, Clearing, and Factory to add a personal touch.
  • New to level editing? No worries. A handy, skippable tutorial will guide you through the process.

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Oh, and if you are new to We Are One, then get ready to team up with yourself: in this VR puzzle shooter where mind-bending challenges meet action-packed FPS gameplay! Plan ahead and clone versions of yourself that flawlessly execute your previous moves in multiple time loops. Battle your way across increasingly complex levels set against the backdrop of a vibrant, hand-drawn VR world.

Have you checked out the 'Ghost Replay Update' in 'We Are One'? It's a neat little addition from the Flat Head Studio team, letting you record and replay your game moves. It’s like they're always finding new ways to spice things up. The puzzles? Well, they're pretty chill, not too tough, but they're fun. And the whole vibe of the game, with its artsy style and slick mechanics, really pulls you in. The story could be a bit meatier, but hey, the mix of shooting and brain-teasers keeps things interesting. (Via Upload VR)

And remember: as long as you’ve got the game installed on any Quest headset, it will update automatically. Isn’t that neat! And for you PC VR gamers: make sure to check the downloads section in Steam.

Here’s a sweet deal: From Nov 13-20, "We Are One" is on sale for $13.99 at the Meta Quest Store – that’s a 13% discount. PC VR fans, you can grab it on Steam for $19.99.
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