Valve's vision: bridging Steam Deck and the next Valve Index headset

Valve's vision: bridging Steam Deck and the next Valve Index headset
Hey gamers, got some scoop for you! Valve — a software publisher and the big brains behind the Steam Deck — just hinted it’s not done with VR yet. While the company has been super busy with its handheld gaming device (yeah, the Steam Deck got a shiny new variant that swaps the old screen for an OLED one), it’s still knee-deep in VR tech.

Rumor has it that Valve's cooking up a new standalone VR headset — possibly the awaited Valve Index 2? — that may hit shelves later in 2023. No official word yet, but it's buzzing in the tech grapevine.

In a chat with Norman Chan from Tested — an online media focused on technology — Valve's designer Lawrence Yang spilled some tea. He said Valve’s team is learning heaps from its Steam Deck project — a handheld mini PC- from Valve that you can carry around, loaded with all the Steam games you own.

And guess what? All this tech wizardry might just flow into Valve’s VR stuff. It's like Valve’s hardware teams are playing a game of high-tech Tetris, where every piece they learn from one project helps build another.

Yazan Aldehayyat, one of Valve's hardware engineers, chipped in too. He talked about how Valve’s VR and Steam Deck teams are swapping notes, sharing tech secrets, and getting chummy with hardware suppliers. It's all about sharing the brainy love to make better gadgets.

Remember when the Steam Deck first dropped in February 2022? Valve's head honcho Gabe Newell mentioned it was a stepping stone to portable VR, thanks to its great specs and software support. Looks like Valve’s team is on track with that plan.

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And here's the cherry on top: Valve recently rolled out SteamVR 2.0. It's a major facelift for their VR platform, sprucing up the interface big time. Is this them laying the groundwork for a new VR headset? Could be. Or it might just be a sweet side effect of the Steam Deck's developments.

Valve's playing it cool with its VR plans such as for the Valve Index 2, but stay tuned. The tech giant has got tricks up its sleeves, and it's only a matter of time before it reveals its next VR move.
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