Quest users may be getting a feature akin to Xbox Game Pass for VR games – Meta Pass

Quest users may be getting a feature akin to Xbox Game Pass for VR games – Meta Pass
A lot of popular Quest 2 games can cost anywhere between $20-$40, if not more, so amassing a decent VR game collection can get expensive.

With that in mind, it could be good news that, according to a Twitter user who's been tinkering with the Quest Android companion app, a game pass feature codenamed "Project Apollo" can be found in its data, and it's a VR game subscription service.

It would appear that this new Meta service will be aptly named Quest Pass, and, at least in its current unreleased state, is introduced with the following message:

Get up to two new apps or games every month with Project Apollo. Log in each month to redeem your apps, and grow your library with the most exciting VR titles.

  • Enjoy new apps the day you subscribe
  • Get easy access to the best of VR
  • Redeem and install to play right away

Redeem your apps by the end of the month, and keep your apps as long as you are subscribed.

Such a subscription-based game model is hardly a new experience for gamers, as alternatives like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are quite popular. Which, for reference, have a starting price of $24.99 a month and $18 a month respectively.

Meta has recently acknowledged that it's having a hard time keeping Quest users interested in the device long-term, according to The Verge.

So a subscription-based model would not only incentivize users to check in at least every month, to see what new apps they get and engage with them, but it will be a regular source of income for Meta also.

As it seems, Meta isn't planning the Quest Pass feature to only offer monthly games, but apps also, and that "access to the best of VR" tagline is promising that the former won't be simple ones, but popular VR games like Beat Saber, Among Us VR, SUPERHOT VR, GORN, and the likes.

But for now, it's good to keep in mind nothing's been officially confirmed by Meta just yet, not even the service itself. However, it does make perfect sense, so we're staying optimistic, and will be keeping an eye for a Quest Pass unveiling. Stay tuned!

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