New VR headset comes powered by Ultraleap’s hand tracking technology

New VR headset comes powered by Ultraleap’s hand tracking technology
VR manufacturer DPVR has just announced the launch of its newest VR headset: the E4 Arc. This headset is powered by Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2 which is a camera setup that accurately tracks a user’s hands in VR applications.

Hand tracking is nothing new, of course. Even the popular Meta Quest 3 has its own hand tracking software. It is, however, very basic and limited: consisting of a few gestures for minor uses. Something the E4 Arc is looking to capitalize on.

The E4 Arc is a variant of DPVR’s E4 VR headset. We can reasonably expect the E4 Arc to be a 6-DoF (Degrees of Freedom) headset, just like the E4. Being a 6-DoF headset means you’ll be able to look around as well as move around in VR apps while moving in the real world.

The biggest selling point for the DPVR E4 Arc is the Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2. This camera, which usually requires being plugged into your VR headset, will be integrated into the E4 Arc’s chassis. We can presume that all required software setup will also have been done beforehand.

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There are countless uses for Ultraleap's hand tracking.

Ultraleap, formerly Leap Motion Inc., has been creating hand tracking input solutions for approximately a decade. The Leap Motion Controller 2 is one of the most refined products the company has produced. It tracks a user’s hands, fingers and gestures to a very accurate degree.

This technology can be very immersive when utilized properly in VR games. Instead of pressing a button on a controller, you actually carry out the motions you want to do in-game. For example, instead of using a button press to grab an item, you may actually enclose it in your fingers to pick it up. No controllers required.

DPVR says that the E4 Arc has been specially crafted for use by enterprise clients, 3D designers and arcade game manufacturers. The company claims its headset will be excellent for collaborative spatial design and prototyping. However, the company is also working on making sure that hand tracking supported PC VR games work flawlessly with the E4 Arc.

— Miguel Rodrigues (Senior Vice President of Product at Ultraleap), Auganix, April 2024

The DPVR E4 Arc is available for pre-order and shipping begins in May. Hand tracking like the sort provided by the Leap Motion Controller 2 is such a big step up in immersion for me. I really, really hope this becomes the standard sooner rather than later.

The DPVR E4 has impressive specs for the price and the E4 Arc could really become one of the best VR headsets if the company focuses on PC VR.
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