Audiovisual VR platform collaborates with deadmau5 for stunning concerts

Audiovisual VR platform collaborates with deadmau5 for stunning concerts
Audiovisual VR music platform Soundscape has recently collaborated with popular electronic artist deadmau5. The exclusive experience is now available to all Soundscape users and features a series of deadmau5 tracks.

Soundscape launched in 2017 as the premier way to experience music in Virtual Reality. Since then the platform has undergone upgrades that vastly improve the overall experience. Notably, Soundscape is now powered by the fourth generation of its Sonic AI. Sonic AI is responsible for making Soundscape’s virtual worlds react to music consistently and in aesthetically pleasing ways. There is also a new avatar editor.

The deadmau5 collaboration also brings a new world to Soundscape that is specifically curated for this performance. Your surroundings will react to the music alongside psychedelic visuals and there’s even a 100-foot tall deadmau5 avatar.

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A showcase of Soundscape VR in action.

Deadmau5 is a highly acclaimed artist and someone whose music I personally love. My favorite track of his is probably Avaritia. Listening to that while surrounded by bioluminescent forests and streaking lights would be magical. If you like that, Deadmau5’s Gula also features my favorite bit from Avaritia.

Soundscape has also collaborated with other prominent artists and bands on its platform. This includes Slash, Evanescence, Griz, Big Wild and VNSSA. So you won’t have a shortage of music to jam to in Soundscape’s trippy worlds. The deadmau5 collaboration shows major artists might be considering VR as the next venue to perform at.

— Eric Alexander (Founder and CEO at Soundscape), May 2024

Soundscape advertises itself as the “musical Metaverse” and is certainly a fascinating concept that some users absolutely adore. You can get Soundscape on Steam for $39.99. Unfortunately, it isn’t out as a native application for standalone headsets like the Meta Quest 3 yet, so that will also require a PC link.
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