Apple Vison Pro aids in spinal surgery as VLC makes native visionOS video player

Apple Vison Pro aids in spinal surgery as VLC makes native visionOS video player
The Vision Pro head gear has been used by a surgeon's team during a spinal intervention to turn a new scrub nurse into "someone with ten years of experience" working alongside the respective surgeon.

Apple's AR/VR headset that it calls a "spatial computer" was used to overlay the surgery plan and suggest the right tools and sequence of assistance in real time during the procedure.

According to the lead scrub nurse at London Independent Hospital Suvi Verho, the Apple Vision Pro "gamechanger" prevents human errors as it "eliminates the guesswork." The surgery has actually been used as demonstration grounds for the new AI software for operating rooms by US company eXeX.

The neurosurgeon who did the procedure assisted by the Apple Vision Pro and said AI software said that it has turned its ragtag surgery entourage who aren't always familiar with each other into an experienced Formula 1 pit crew. "That's the idea - that it doesn't matter if you've never been in a pitstop in your life. You just put the headset on," he added.

Still, the scrub nurse likely used eXeX AI surgery software that could've been used on an iPad, too. "Viewer X is an iOS application - allowing the nurses, or managers, and scrub technicians a powerful and simple way to organize and set up a surgical procedure," says eXeX.

VLC on Vision Pro

Tailored Apple Vision Pro apps are few and far between and mainly come in the form of Apple's default apps. This is what makes any piece of news announcing the release or development of a popular app specifically for the Vision Pro rather exciting. 

Even more so if it is a video app, since industry stalwarts like YouTube or Netflix snubbed native visionOS app development and now Vision Pro users have to access them from the browser in a less than ideal experience. 

Popular video player VLC, which is very platform-agnostic, has however confirmed for Lowpass that it is working on a native app for the Vision Pro. In fact, "we already have a version of VLC running on the Vision Pro," said VLC president Jean-Baptiste Kempf. 

Apparently, VLC is waiting for the Apple Vision Pro to amass enough user base in order to release its tailored visionOS video player into the App Store.
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