Sony Ericsson Spiro Review
This is a dual-band GSM phone. It can be used in Europe and Asia only.
The American version can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.


Some things will never change. Phone manufacturers come and go, flagship models make a short appearance and then fall into oblivion, but it seems like Sony Ericsson's Walkman series is here to stay. Or at least it seems to be this way, as the company has recently unleashed a brand new offering for its music lineup, namely the Sony Ericsson Spiro. Now, the Spiro may be small in size, and not that impressive in terms of specs, but it's a descendant of a once glorious family of phones, at the heart of which lies a powerful driving force - music.


Design-wise, the Sony Ericsson Spiro is a simple slider, with a compact body that will easily fit pockets of any size. It is made from a relatively cheap-feeling plastic that does not allow for a very firm grip. Nevertheless, the Spiro doesn't feel flimsy in your hand.

You can compare the Sony Ericsson Spiro with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The 2.2-inch display that the Sony Ericsson Spiro uses is of average quality. It presents some nice and vivid colors, but its viewing angles have some room for improvement. In terms of resolution, 240x320 pixels seem to be just enough to guarantee smooth visualization of text and images on this real estate.

Right below the screen you'll find the very, very small keys of the d-pad, which also houses the music control functions. Also tiny are the soft, send, end, shortcuts and clear keys. That said, we can't help but admit that they are nicely-made. It's just that they're quite small, which can be the cause for accidental presses.

On the left side there's the microUSB port, on the right is the volume rocker, which works okay, and on the top is the standard 3.5mm jack. The back side houses the 2 megapixel camera with no flash or autofocus. Naturally, removing the back cover will give you access to the 1000mAh Li-Polymer battery, microSD and SIM card slots.

We are not perfectly pleased with the Spiro's sliding mechanism. It works reassuringly, but there's some slight sound of plastic friction that's a bit unpleasant. The size of the numpad keys is passable, and the key themselves are executed well, so there's no trouble using them for dialing or SMS writing.

Sony Ericsson Spiro 360 Degrees View:



1. Ashis Chattchitto unregistered

@Team Phonearena, How Is The Web browser of this phone? does it support flash?

3. PhoneArena Team

Posts: 258; Member since: Jun 27, 2006

Hello, The internet browser of the Sony Ericsson Spiro is only good for experiencing mobile and very basic web pages. It is not suitable for "real" web browsing and does not support Flash Player.

2. PhoneArena Team

Posts: 258; Member since: Jun 27, 2006

Hello, The internet browser of the Sony Ericsson Spiro is only good for experiencing mobile and very basic web pages. It is not suitable for "real" web browsing and does not support Flash Player.

4. shadab unregistered

@Team Phonearena, i have heard complaints of freezing in dis phone...are they right. and can i use it as a modem on my pc? is the usb cable included in the box?

5. kranthi unregistered

can u tell me which is best spiro or nokia X3??

6. sai unregistered


7. michaeltariq unregistered

you can't compare the spiro with zylo because the spiro is half the price of the zylo and the hanging problem can be solved by micro sd card it's a great phone for it's price

12. ivandam unregistered

How can be solved by micro sd card. Please explain. Thanks

8. apoorva unregistered

@michaeltariq: can u please tell me how the hanging problem can be solved .i got the cell 2days back and i have switched on/off 20 times coz of this issue

9. ashishkapil

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 26, 2010

there are many probs in this fone like it restarts atleast 3 tomes in a day an there r lot of probs. in media...

10. ashishkapil

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 26, 2010

is this a prob in my fone or eveyones

11. rtch040690

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 30, 2010

is this fone worth buying? bcoz i've come across really bad comments on this fone when i googled it. plzz help me on this 1. my budget is 5k n i want a good looking fone with basic features of music, msging, camera n all n including internet. plz help me with other options in sony ericsson within 5k only

13. markedFRlife unregistered

Hey man, Why does it have to be SE? If you are willing to use Nokia instead, and you are willing to spend some time looking around you local Phone shops (not just the Official Nokia Stores) then get the Nokia 5320 XPressMusic. Its a smartphone. >Symbian OS >2mp camera: with flash >Better Screen >3G >Dedicated Music Buttons (Like an MP3) >Keypad is perfectly fine more messaging It has everything. It is old tho, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere. It is really cheap now. in my country, its about 3-4k (and I'm assuming its in Indian Rupees). I hope you find this helpful. I had to spend some time converting the prices to Indian Rupee, coz I don't live there.

14. dinesh sinsinwar unregistered

i want to buy this phone.but i am confused about it that it is made by segam.and it's camera is not so good .sony ericsson is known by it;s sound and camera. please consult me that i should by this phone or not Dinesh Sinsinwar

15. suryamt

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 01, 2010

Why the internal memory of this Spiro got only 5 mb... whereas the external is expandable upto 16 GB. Is this effect any applications of the phone??? While watching a 3gp video, why the phone hangs or why the keys are not working??? Myself battery is also not satisfied!!! How to overcome these issues??? Anybody can reply..

16. DrGalaxy unregistered

I'm so confused about this phone , every professional review i've read or watched says it's a decent or even good phone but all the comments from normal users says it's really bad, i don't know which to believe

17. svs unregistered

This phone support flash video or watch YouTube video?

18. Esa (very urgent) unregistered

hi sir, my sony mobile spiro is some problem there.. its was swith on but only come to sony logo. then not come another displays. for what is the problem sir... kindly tell me what is the problem..that. very urgent tell me what is the problem.

19. Al unregistered

The phone is stylish but very prone to hanging. And it has a very limited memory storage for the messages. It can only store up to 200 messages and then you have delete some messages before you can create a new one. I have regrets buying this phone. Everytime you restart it will take few minutes to boot before you can use it.

20. ruth unregistered

This is a terrible phone. Its slow and crashes all the time. Don't buy it.

21. happyending26 unregistered

i cant use my internet i do not know how...

22. Keiycha

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 14, 2011

1 day, I reset my phone settings. Suddenly it was jammed! So, I decide to take the battery out... After that, the phone can't be turn on till now... Can you solve my problems??

23. sampathnagilla

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

Simply worst mobile... 1. Unable apply themes which are stored in memory card. 2. Unable to access web pages almost all. 3. Doesn't support Sony Ericsson PC Suit 4. Showing OUT OF MEMORY 5. Restarting automatically. 6. Unable send more than 30 sms at a time.
  • Display 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.005 GB + microSDHC

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