Pantech Laser Review

If there happens to be one handset manufacturer that places a lot of emphasis on producing solid quick messaging devices for AT&T, it has to be none other than Pantech. It was only recently that we began to see them to craft touchscreen devices, with the Pantech Pursuit being their first, but now we might be witnessing the culmination of all their hard work leading up to their latest device – the Pantech Laser P9050. Although it might not resonate widely in the face of some endearing smartphones, the Laser is being dubbed as the thinnest handset in the world to pack a QWERTY keyboard – so it'll be interesting how it excels in the lucrative quick messaging category.

The package contains:
  • Pantech Laser
  • Travel charger
  • Interactive Tutorial CD
  • Quick Start Guide


Pantech has always been known to incorporate some interesting designs, much like the one evident with the Pantech Duo, but the Laser sets a new standard for all other devices coming out after it. From a quick glace, it's obvious that they took the design of the Pantech Pursuit and basically flattened it out – enabling it to be extremely streamlined (0.39” thick). The all plastic housing is customary out of the manufacturer, but it still manages to stay away from being cheap feeling, which at the same time, enables it to not feel heavy at all (4.06 oz). In all honesty, the most striking part of the handset is how it's able to be extremely thin while still packing a physical landscape style keyboard.

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Although a lot of attention will be paid to its compact form, its 3.1” AMOLED touchscreen will surely open some eyes with its 400 x 800 pixels resolution and support for 262k colors. Naturally, its resolution provides for some stunning clarity and detail which makes even the tiniest of text look sharp. Furthermore, its AMOLED panel exudes some rich and brilliant looking colors that will attract your eyes to its aura. However, it relies on resistive technology which still requires a firm press to register. Nonetheless, it exhibits some good viewing angles, but of course, it'll still require you to cover it outdoors in direct sunlight.

Beneath the display of the Pantech Laser, you'll find the usual culprit of physical buttons – the send, end, and back/clear keys. Sufficient in size, they are more than easily pressed with their tactile feedback. To the left side, you've got a lock button, while on the right edge you'll only find the volume rocker – both of which have a subtle feel to them. Unfortunately, the handset lacks a 3.5mm headset jack – which means you'll have to rely on the microUSB port on the top edge for everything.

In the rear, you'll locate the 3-megapixel camera and speakerphone. Removing the flimsy rear cover will provide you access to the SIM card slot, battery, and microSD card slot – the latter of which can't be accessed unless the battery is taken off.

The opening and closing mechanism of the handset is fairly snappy and provides access to its 4 row QWERTY keyboard. Now in order to keep the handset as thin as possible, it was only fitting to find the buttons somewhat flush. However, they are ever so slightly raised to still provide some distinguishable features between them. We like that they are spaced enough from one another and average in size – which is further supplemented with their good tactile response. Ultimately, we enjoyed using the Pantech Laser's QWERTY as it didn't pose any problems while typing casually.

Pantech Laser 360 Degrees View:



1. dosa unregistered

Bought Pantech laser little more than a month ago for my daughter and its dead already. When we went to the ATT store, the rep immediately checked a spot under the back cover, saying that the spot is pink instead of white and the phone has been exposed to water, so voids any warranty. My daughter swears that the phone never came in contact with any liquid. Its interesting to see that the water contact indicator is right next to the speaker which is under the perforated plastic back cover, so basically water contact indicator is exposed to the atmosphere. I can imagine how the indicator can easily absorb moisture. It seems the position of the water damage indicator is chosen to void the warranty easily. Pantech rep agreed that the indicator is sensitive to moisture and even touch but would not help to repair the phone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE.

10. leeroy unregistered

you sure have quite the imagination. just accept the fact that the phone got wet and your daughter is a liar.

16. greenzone560

Posts: 2; Member since: May 18, 2012

dude, you didnt have the phone then shut up! I had the same thing happen to me, and My phone never even been near any liquid. You cant just assume...asshole >.

2. Naeem unregistered

I got the Pantech Laser....and the red spot is already pink...and I know that I didn't introduce it to any moisture. i just read another review with the same problem, and now I can't receive or send text messages b/c it says that the memry is full. I have deleted what was told but still nothing.....this phone sucks. And AT&T won't do anything.

17. greenzone560

Posts: 2; Member since: May 18, 2012

AT&T people are just stupid...and this phone has some weird glitches every once in a while. All you have to do is turn the phone off(not take out the battery), take out your sim card start it, turn it off and put sim card back in. If that doesn't work go to settings and reset the phone.

3. squeakyduck unregistered

My Pantech Laser gives me a text message "other than the new one" when I slide to Accept a new message. I either see on the screen: a comment from earlier in the conversation, or I could even see a comment from some other contacts conversation with me. When I receive a new text message and slide "Accept", I would expect to see the newest text but more often that not, I see some other comment. What gives?

4. iquerky unregistered

I have this phone, and its weird, because I know my phone has come into contact with water but my water damage indicator is still white...weird? But I also keep a case on mine at all times, maybe that's why. And mine is also saying that the memory is perpetually full? I think I'm just going to go get a memory card. But the phone will not delete this one text i sent to my friend! It was perfectly normal, just words, but everytime i try to delete it, it says "Delete Fail." It's extremely frustrating!

5. bourne unregistered

this phone is works great but two months after i got it the battery drains and when i go to chaarge it it has to be kept perfectly still, and it cannot be used orelse it well not charge....also the water indicator is also gone to pink and it has NEVER been exposed to water..dont by this is worthless.

6. tough guy unregistered

worst phone ive ever had ive had it for six days and it already does not work dont buy

7. screw thehaters unregistered

this phone is excellent! it is a bit fragile but it can still handle excess use by a normal person. it is my favorite phone i've ever had. i've had it for about 6 months now and i love everything about it

8. Sky unregistered

WELL, Stop hating on the phone this is the best phone i've ever had, if you dont thinh son youre crazy LOL well in the paragraphs or what ever it says avoid contact with water, people... And yeah ( you shouldnt need you phone outside anyway ;) )

9. Sky unregistered

OHH yeah im with Screw ThaHaters :))))

11. Best phone ever unregistered

I agree with screw the haters, and sky, this phone is amazing and the best phone i ever gotten, besides you shouldnt let any phone touch water anyway its electric

12. alliestormoody

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 02, 2011

I've only had this phone for about two months, and I've already had to get a new battery and a new charger. And already, they're not working. The phone won't charge, even if it's on the charger for a whole day it'll die the moment it's taken off the charger. I'm not sure if it's the actual battery/charger or if the charging port in the actual phone is all screwed up, but it's really annoying having to switch to my old phone halfway through the day. Don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful phone and I absolutely love it. It's just irksome that it's not charging correctly.

20. nerdyychickk

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 06, 2012

I have the same problem and its not the battery or charger it is the charger port.

13. jhuynh94

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 03, 2011

I've had this phone for about 5 months and nothing bad has happened to it (knock on wood, hope it stays that way haha). I've had it out in the rain before, but i've tried to keep it pretty covered and unexposed from the rain, but stuff happens, right? It has come into contact with water, i've dropped it quite a few times, and its still perfectly fine! (knock on wood, hoping it that way haha). I love this phone, its the best phone i've ever had! I love how it keeps track of the conversations i've had so I can remember what the previous text I sent said, my old phone couldn't do that haha. My only complaint is that the battery could be a bit better though, its not bad though! Definitely recommend this phone! LOVE IT! (:

14. thegingerchick17

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

i bought this phone after i had droped my previouse one in the toliet.. i was cleaning the bathrooms so dont get any ideas.. anyway i got it and 5 days later i drop it in a puddle, from a pipe i broke by stepping on, and was in water for about 4 hours i had to pick it up from the maneger of the pipe people i dont know and it had a little puddle on the inside of the screen after that i just went without a phone and 3 months later i look at it and the water from inside it is gone and i plug it in to charge cuz my dad tells me to and sudenly it says charging and randomly it works perfictly and i have a phone again.. until yet again my mom takes it away from me getting in some kinda trouble, i dont remember, and about a month later i get pushed in the pool with it in my pocket, still works..then like a week later i was dreaming i was eating a cookie with my phone in my hand and i bit it.. still works had a little dent... 3 days later i drop it in some asidic stuff my dad was using to get paint off the sidewalk and it seriosly burned some of the plastic off the case and it burned my skin and pants.. still works.. another month later randomly it refuses to charge :/ its been about 3 months and my moms finaly ordering a new one for me cuz i had to pay 50 bucks for it i miss my phone,dude seriously im so lonley without it i had withdrawls from not having it like a phantom vibrate or ring *sigh this has nothing to do really with my review idk i like the phone it lasted my crazy life for a little while at least haha hope this makes someone laugh lol

15. sparkles

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 05, 2012

ive had this phone for about 5 months and its fine. well, the battery can be better but i deal with it. ive ropped it plenty of times. i got some scratches but thats why im buying a case. ive dropped it in water a couple of times but it is easy to fix. all i did was take the battery out and i put it and the phone in a bag full of normal rice. it depends on how long it was in the water to hav it in the bag. the little indicator is a light pink of course. i love this phone. but i do agree with the "new message" thing. it shows that i have a new message but when i go to see it it doesnt show up. oh and it likes to randomly change the background to the original one it came with. it has turned itself off only a couple of times but its ok afterwards. it takes great pictures and if u have a sd card it is an excellent source of storage for pics and music and videos. the volume is good. the call clarity is good too.the keyboard is great. my biggest issue is when im texting someone nd i close the keyboard i accidentally call the person who im texting. and the screen isnt skin sensative its pressure sensative. that can cause some problems. but I LOVE THIS PHONE.i would recomend it any day. u just have to pay attention to it.


Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 04, 2012

I had a Pantech Laser, and I must say it was AMAZING. It did not take long before I became really attached to it. BUT. Just yesterday, I turned my Laser off to let it charge, then when I turned it back on the AT&T intro displayed, then the screen went white! I removed the battery and SIM. Nothing fixed my problem. You could type numbers and they would display on the screen and maybe if you are lucky you could get to the home screen, but it was glitchy and the touch screen was shot. So me and my mother went to the AT&T store, and the man took the back off and said the phone had not been exposed to moisture, so he told us to go to the Device Support Center and get a replacement. The person THERE said the phone had been exposed to moisture. The sticker-indicatior was in fact an almost unnoticable bright pink, a little lighter than the color of a fingernail, but I had never had my phone anywhere near water so that left me quite bewildered. I am 13 years old. So, basically, I had my Laser for a little less than a year. It does not work. So, I would recommend this phone but be very careful if you buy it. Everything about it was great, but it was just not built to last.

19. nerdyychickk

Posts: 2; Member since: Jun 06, 2012

So, I got this phone about a year and a half ago and this is now my fourth one. The first one wouldn't charge the second one would turn on but the screen was black and the water spot was red and it never had come in contact with water and the third one wasn't charging... Definitely not a phone to pick...
  • Display 3.1" 480 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP
  • Battery 1000 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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