Bluetrek Metal Evolution Review

Bluetrek Metal Evolution Review
Introduction and Design:

Bluetrek is a popular manufacturer of Bluetooth accessories and their products are known for the innovative solutions they integrate. The Crescendo makes for an illustrative example – this is a hands-free with functionality that can be expanded via applications, or more accurately, firmware updates. What we are going to talk about today, however, is an interesting designer model, the Bluetrek Metal Evolution. As suggested by its name, this is an improved, evolved version of the Metal that managed to gain overwhelming popularity with its dainty design. The new iteration adds noise cancellation technology that should be able to handle environmental din with power of up to 80 db.

We just have to admit we do like the design of Bluetrek Metal Evolution. It is super clean and simple and the shiny metal guarantees the gadget will remain all the rage and never go out of fashion in the years to come. The earphone can be worn without its hook (two hooks come boxed and they don’t look hallway bad) and you get six rubber tips of different size, meaning you will certainly find your best fit and easily. Our only gripe relates to the volume rocker that is absurdly tiny and uncannily hard to press. It’s a good thing you won’t need to use it often.

The Bluetrek Metal Evolution is charged via standard USB (or a charger with USB port), but you need an additional adapter that can be attached to the accessory via a hook, meaning you will be able to carry about the gadget suspended on your belt or fastened to your clothing. Unfortunately, it cannot be charged on the go, unlike the Jabra STONE and Plantronics Discovery 925.

The Bluetrek Metal Evolution is available in black and silver and we like both color schemes, so we just cannot decide on either of them. Hm, the silver goes perfectly with that nice shirt hanging in the wardrobe for months, but the blackcomplements that pair of jeans we got the other day…

Performance and Conclusion:

The hands-free is super light-weighted (only 5.5gr.), so it doesn’t create any discomforting feeling even if you wear it for prolonged periods of time. All told, the Bluetrek Metal Evolution is one of the most comfortable hands-frees we have ever tried. People with bigger ears might want to use it without the ear hook, because it’s quite rigid and inflexible. The battery should be able to provide 4.5 hours of continuous talk time and keep the device operational for 5 days in stand-by, which is slightly above average.

The in-call quality is above average as well. There is a bit to be desired with this respect, however, because our callers sounded somewhat muffled during the tests, although we could understand them perfectly. They said we sounded a bit nasal, but claimed everything was quite good on the overall. The noise cancellation technology works flawlessly, but tends to change people’s voices… our callers claimed we sounded, erm, “childish”.

Just like most hands-frees that are spectacular to look at, the Bluetrek Metal Evolution is relatively expensive and will set you back with $80. Is it worth the asking price? Well, in case you are on the lookout for a comfortable and elegant accessory, the answer is “yes, indeed”. Those of you who require better in-call quality and more robust battery (or the option to charge the gadget on the go) would be better off with the Jabra STONE and Plantronics Discovery 925, although both of them come with heftier prices. Still, the Bluetrek Metal Evolution is one of the leaders in its class.


  • Stylish design and low weight
  • Comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time
  • Great noise isolation


  • The in-call quality could have been better
  • Unhandy volume rocker
  • Relatively short battery life

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