The war in Ukraine: lending a hand and PhoneArena’s stand

The war in Ukraine: lending a hand and PhoneArena’s stand
The topic of war is a delicate one to discuss. But while the world tries to unravel why this is happening, who is right and wrong, one fact remains—people are suffering.

In situations like this, information can prove overwhelming, especially when deciding how to provide aid for those in need. In that regard, we wanted to share with you a few charitable organizations that we trust and believe can help the people affected by this war.


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a neutral organization and, together with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, has been aiding the people of Ukraine ever since conflict arose in the country. The ICRC provides doctors and water engineers to help those hurt during the hostilities and provide access to clean water, as well as better living conditions.


The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) focuses on aiding children affected by the war in Ukraine. The organization, together with its partners, is working on providing vital humanitarian supplies, as well as essential health, sanitation, water, education, and protection services.

GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Release Fund

GlobalGiving is a charitable organization recommended by the likes of the US State Department, ABC News, the New York Times, and many other trusted sources. It has a four-star rating and an almost perfect score given by Charity Navigator.

The GlobalGiving Ukraine Crisis Release Fund provides shelter, food, and clean water to people who have become refugees in consequence of the war between Ukraine and Russia. It also provides health and psychosocial support, access to education, and economic assistance. GlobalGiving also distributes donations to other trusted charities.

PhoneArena’s stand on the war in Ukraine

Many people at PhoneArena are trying to help in whatever way they can—donating money, hosting refugees, sending supplies. As a company, we will be donating to various humanitarian initiatives related to the war in Ukraine.

Please consider donating through the charitable organizations we have listed above or through any other that you know you can trust. Don’t forget that you can help out in other ways as well, like sending clothes, medical supplies, and food.

We believe that the most important matter is the health and safety of the people directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Human suffering is the only thing that is real, and it is real right now. Let’s lend a hand to those in need.
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