Verizon's new Unlimited Ultimate plan, the priciest one it offers, debuts tomorrow

Verizon's new Unlimited Ultimate plan, the priciest one it offers, debuts tomorrow
According to CNET, Verizon is about to add a new cellphone plan to its My Verizon lineup called Unlimited Ultimate which will cost $90 per month with AutoPay. Unlimited Ultimate will give subscribers access to the carrier's Ultra Wideband 5G service, which includes its mid-band signals in the C-band and its harder-to-find but faster mmWave signals. In addition, the plan delivers 60GB of mobile hotspot data each month (double what you get from the $80 per month Unlimited Plus Plan), and 10GB of high-speed International data.

First, let's point out that the new tier of service actually starts at $100 per month for an individual line. Agree to have your invoice automatically paid using your Verizon Visa Card, bank account, or debit card each month and you'll receive the billing discount that every month will reduce the price for a single line to $90. And of course, the more lines of service you have on a plan, the cheaper it gets.

Unlimited Ultimate (with Auto Pay)

  • One line-$90
  • Two lines-$160 ($80 per line)
  • Three lines-$130 ($65 per line)
  • Four lines-$220 ($55 per line)
  • Five lines-$260 ($52 per line)
And of course, Verizon customers can add perks such as Apple Music, 2TB of Cloud Storage, Apple One, Walmart+, and others for just $10 per month.

Last week, T-Mobile introduced a pricey new plan called Go5G Next that starts at $100 for a single line, $85 per line for two subscribers ($170 total), $60 per line for three subscribers ($180 total), and $56.25 per line for four subscribers ($225 total). Unlimited Ultimate is Verizon's response.

The Unlimited Ultimate plan starts on August 31st and subscribers will get high-speed data throughout each and every month without having to worry about getting throttled because they used too much data. Unlimited Ultimate subscribers might also get better upgrade deals for new phones than Verizon customers on other plans. Subscribers to Verizon's top plan will get 50% off the cost of adding monthly service for two connected devices such as tablets and smartwatches.

Families using My Verizon can "mix and match" and not everyone in a family plan with multiple lines has to sign up for the priciest option which will be Unlimited Ultimate in just a couple of days.

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