Check out these weird emojis you've probably never used!

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You won’t believe these crazy emojis exist!
Emojis are a great way to add some flavor to your text-based conversations or just straight-up replace them if you’re creative enough and have the patience to select the right ones. And, as we’ve recently discussed, there are more than enough emojis to choose from and the variety just keeps expanding. And since it’s hard to keep track of hundreds of emojis, you’ve probably missed some cool and some rather quirky additions. Here are some of our favorite ones:


Look at this monster of the deep! It doesn’t look as frightening in its emoji form, but if you’re looking to spook someone that might be one of your best choices. Its use might be as rare as actual sightings of giant squids in the real world, but that shouldn’t deter you from incorporating it in your text messages as much as possible. If there’s one thing we know about modern pop culture is that it can assign “deep” meanings to almost any symbol.


Zombies are everywhere around us these days (apart from the real world, luckily) - TV shows, movies, books, video games, you name it. It only makes sense then that there will be a zombie emoji. In fact, there are three of them: “neutral” zombie, man zombie and woman zombie. Sadly, there’s no “kid zombie” yet, so if you were going for a zombie family, you’re out of luck. Still, the zombie emoji makes for a great response to questions like: “How are you feeling after last night?”


Aren’t you sick and tired of T-Rex hoarding all the dinosaur attention? It’s so overused, it’s starting to become lame and boring. There are only so many jokes you can make about tiny arms. Enter Sauropod. The friendly-looking and loveable long-necked dinosaur. Granted, his aura of harmlessness doesn’t allow it to replace the vicious T-Rex altogether, but it still has its uses. For example, a coworker invites you to a barbecue but you’re vegan, why not send the message across by sending a Sauropod. You’ll probably still have to explain what it means, but hey, we have to start somewhere!


Microbes are pesky little things. They can be either very bad for us or help us maintain our health. In their emoji form, it’s hard to tell which type of microbes is pictured. Some variants look quite menacing and people rarely discuss the good kind so you’re most likely to see them as a sign of sickness. Although, honestly, you’ve probably never sent or received that emoji. It’s never too late to start, however, next time you’re taking a day of sick leave just send your boss a microbe emoji and a house emoji and go back to bed.

Wind face

Wind is something that’s very hard to visualize since you can’t really see it, which is why the closest emoji we have for it uses a more symbolic image: Mother nature blowing air from her mouth. You don’t need me to tell you about the many different applications this emoji can have. From blowing candles on a birthday cake to a hurricane blowing away your gazebo, wind face is there to tell a story.

Money with wings

Seems like all of our money has wings these days, doesn’t it? Well, luckily, at least we have the right emoji to visualize cash leaving our wallets with great speed. Money with wings is a bittersweet emoji that you can use when one of your friends buys an iPhone, for example, or when you have to tell your mates that you just paid rent and bar hopping won’t be happening till your next paycheck arrives. On the bright side, if you see someone else using it, it might signal that money is coming your way. An entertaining emoji but we’re not sure if having to use it often is a good thing or not…


There are emojis for all sorts of everyday objects you have lying around your house but curiously enough there isn’t one for “vase”. Instead, the closest thing you get is Amphora, a very specific type of liquid container that while looking similar to a vase has a very different function. The stories people tell that have amphoras in them are probably much fewer than those that have anything to do with vases, but regardless, this is the emoji that will have to be used if you want to add a graphical element to your message.


Some of our younger readers might not even know what a pager is, let alone use an emoji of one. Nowadays the only place you can see one is on some medical TV show. Pagers a good reminder of how primitive our mobile tech was not that long ago. A device that only lets you know something is going on or there’s someone you need to call without allowing you to directly interact with the sender in any way, sounds almost absurd, right? If you’re the type that thinks those were the days, then pager emoji is here to fulfill your nostalgia needs. Just don’t be surprised if you receive “?!?” as a response to it.

Are there any unusual emojis you've made part of your texting routine? Share which ones you prefer in the comments below!

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