A Twitter competitor is offering checkmarks to all that may lose them in April

A Twitter competitor is offering checkmarks to all  that may lose them in April
Twitter is in a turbulent period of growth, thanks to all of the changes that Elon Musk is making to the social media platform. But the competition — which is ever growing — is taking all of this as an opportunity to increase their user bases substantially.

Twitter Blue — the subscription service that grants users the ever-coveted blue checkmark — has launched, but its full effects are due on April 1. Just in time for April fools, everyone who has earned a checkmark will be forced to pay in order to keep it. Quite the number, eh?

But ex-Twitter employees aren’t just sitting around, doing nothing about it. The company’s previous CEO is launching his own version of Twitter, called Bluesky. But while that platform is still under development, T2 — an invite-only alternative, also founded by Twitter employees — has rushed to launch in order to seize this unique opportunity.

So, T2’s plan is pretty simple: the platform is offering a free verified checkmark on their service, to anyone, who has previously earned it on Twitter. Naturally, this is a limited time offer, as after the upcoming changes, that data won’t be available anymore. This also means that anyone who’s taken advantage of Twitter Blue won’t make the cut in T2’s eyes.

An important note here is that this will carry over for anyone, who is still on the T2 waitlist too. Said wait may be worth it too, as the company has been teasing some upcoming changes. A redesign, for starters, and other milestones too, introduced by the newly-onboarded ex-Discord exec, who is acting as T2’s CTO (chief technology officer).

It will take quite a lot of time, effort and updates to get anywhere near Twitter’s core user base, but providing something of immense value for free is a great way to lure users in. After all, possibly thousands will be losing their checkmark in less than a day. Why not gain something out of it? After all, it’s free.

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