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Lagging but still moving: Siri might finally get one of the Google Assistant's most impressive features

Lagging but still moving: Siri might finally get one of the Google Assistant's most impressive featu
When it comes to smart assistants, the Google Assistant is definitely leading the race. Despite being the first to market, Apple's Siri is, nowadays, often ridiculed for not being as "smart" as Google's own digital helper. And while this is not as much of an issue on a smartphone, the difference definitely becomes apparent when you turn to smart speakers, which don't have any sort of user interface, save for voice commands.

Apple's HomePodfinally launched earlier this year and was met with mixed response. Yeah, it looks fine, and it sounds great, but what about controlling it with Siri? One of the biggest user grievances with the HomePod was the fact that Apple's digital assistant can not differentiate between multiple voices. As a result, any house guest or any member of one's household can command the HomePod to read out one's iMessages or mail notifications.

For this very reason, many users straight up disabled that HomePod feature — it's better to have it off than put your privacy at risk.

In contrast, Google's Assistant can recognize up to 6 different people and give them customized, personal replies.

Well, it seems Siri might soon (and finally) get this feature as well. A patent filed by Apple with the USPTO outlines a system, which would be able to build and store multiple "user profiles". Siri would, supposedly, be able to make and modify a library for each individual user, keeping track of their preferences and usage habits, and come up with individualized and accurate responses.

This includes being able to recognize each user by their voice, of course. However, there doesn't seem to be information on what the maximum number of supported users would be.

This means that one HomePod update in the not-so-far future might have voice recognition and you may finally leave "Personal Requests" on, confident that your Apple speaker won't be spilling the content of your messages to others.

source: USPTO via Tech Radar
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