Google Pixel Fold colors: all the official hues

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Pixel Fold colors: what to expect
Foldable phones are no longer those fragile eccentric beings from the early days that break in the winter or squeek with pain if you've opened them too many times. Its 2023 now, and foldables are refined and thriving, more people are interested in them, and more phone makers are joining in on the fun.

And now, Google's joined in with the cool foldable kids in the block. Enter the gorgeous Pixel Fold - Google's first foldable phone and hopefully, a powerful Galaxy Z Fold 5 rival. If you're here, chances are you're wondering which color to go for. You've come to the right place!

In this article, we're focusing on the color the Pixel Fold is available in, with the main aim to help you decide which colors is the best for you.

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What colors does the Pixel Fold come in?

The Pixel Fold comes in two colors - a black/dark shade and a white shade, respectively called Obsidian and Porcelain. Although these colors appear pretty standard at first glance, the phone won't look boring no matter what - after all, it's a foldable!

Official Pixel Fold colors:
  • Obsidian
  • Porcelain

Google Pixel Fold official colors

As we already mentioned, the Pixel Fold color palette is a bit limited - we have just a black and a white shade. Pretty simple, but the lack of eye-catching color options can somewhat be excused by the fact that this is a foldable phone - enough eye-catching on its own.

Google Pixel Fold in Obsidian

Black is a classic. Dark grey is also a classic, especially in phones. On the Pixel Fold, Obsidian is basically a color that is quite dark, almost black-looking. All in all, this color option looks polished and blends seamlessly with the camera bar. And of course, black is the standard color to go for if you don't care too much about color too.

It is possible the color will look differently in different lighting conditions, but we'll have to confirm that once we get the phone for a review.

The black option appears to be a dark gray shade. Even though the color is quite simple no matter what type of gray shade it looks under the sunlight (50 shades of gray is still gray, you know), the design and the foldable form factor still make this phone eye-catching, so don't worry about it being too boring.

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Luckily, the finish is matte so the dark color won't attract fingerprint smudges as much as it would if it was glossy.

Google Pixel Fold in Porcelain

Porcelain for the Pixel Fold is basically a beautiful light beige shade. This is not your simple white color, but it could look white-ish in certain lighting conditions. All in all, this is a quite good-looking and sophisticated color option. The Pixel Fold is also available in Porcelain for those of you who really don't want a black phone.

The Pixel Fold in Porcelain sports a nice silver frame, giving it a touch of polishness and making it even more stand-out-ish.

This light color will attract way fewer fingerprint smudges and they won't be as visible as on the black. The Google logo is painted in a silvery beige color to match the frame. The camera bar is also painted in a matching shade.

If you find the dark color boring, the Porcelain will be your option. It's sophisticated and polished, and looks premium. Stylish, indeed!

Conclusion: the Pixel Fold looks eye-catching no matter what

Yep, foldable phones may be getting popular but still, they're quite a niche market. This means you don't see people rocking a book-like phone every day, everywhere - the Pixel Fold will make an impression no matter which color option you decide to go for.

Of course, given the fact we look at our phones all the time, you'd want to get your new phone in a color that you like. If you like a more pro-looking color, Obsidian may be great for you. If you want your phone polished and light, Porcelain will serve a better purpose.

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