YouTube for Android gets new look in fullscreen mode

YouTube for Android gets new look in fullscreen mode
According to 9to5Google, the YouTube app for Android is receiving a new look starting today when videos are viewed in fullscreen. If you turn your phone into landscape mode while viewing a YouTube video and press pause, you'll notice something new. On the bottom of the left side of the display, there are thin outlines of new icons that allow you to like the video, dislike it, comment about the video, add it to a playlist, or share it with someone else.

On the bottom right of the fullscreen view is an icon showing multiple videos in fullscreen mode alongside the words: "More Videos, Tap to see all." When you tap on it, a carousel surfaces to show other videos that you might find interesting. The video timeline is moved a little higher and the three-dot settings icon on the upper right corner is turned into the gear icon used to represent the settings menu on several other apps (although that change was made for both the landscape and portrait modes of YouTube).

Lastly, tapping on the small upside down pointer, triangle, or chevron (whatever you want to call it) next to the title of a video will bring up the description of it with the number of likes, the number of views, and the date that the video was first posted on YouTube. This is where some videos will have a written description and some will be broken down by chapters making them easier to navigate.

The new fullscreen UI for YouTube has been rolling out today from Google to Android users while iOS users will have to wait for the new look UI.

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