New Apple watchOS 11 features include Training Load tracker and dynamic AI watch faces

New Apple watchOS 11 features bring Training Load and AI watch faces
Besides all the new iOS 18 AI features with heavy emphasis on the usual chatbots, transcripts and translation, or imaging application of machine learning, Apple announced a new version of its venerable watchOS system for the world's most popular smartwatch.

New watchOS 11 features

  • Training Load exertion ranking
  • Vitals following app
  • New SmartStack predictions
  • Check-in feature for friends
  • Dynamic Watch Faces

Apple is bringing a mixture of AI-induced watchOS 11 features like automatically picking a new watch face from your photos, and health and fitness updates like the new Training Load function, or the standalone Vitals app.

Training Load

The new Training Load tracker in for the Apple Watch will take stock of the familiar heart rate, elevation, or pace criteria, and size them up to the height and weight physical traits input to come up with an effort score on a 10-point scale. You're also able to adjust the effort in case it doesn't reflect how you feel.

This could help runners realize when they aren't training to their capacity, or when they are often hitting overexertion thresholds that could hinder their progress, and the score can be corrected according to the athlete's subjective feeling.


From sleep tracking to heart rate, the new standalone Vitals app will report on your health and fitness status over time. A weekly report can be created and the Vitals app will keep score of how typical your health and fitness data has been in a historic context and warn about outliers that could be the result of an illness or simply a night out binging.

Double Tap API

App creators will now have access to the Double Tap gesture of the Apple Watch. This will open the floodgates of use case scenarios like replying to messages, pausing songs, or starting a sleep counter while cradling your baby without waking them up.

Smaller, but equally useful watchOS 11 feature finally include the ability to pause your rings without jeopardizing progress, or a smarter SmartStack prediction model that adds relevant widgets such as translator one when you are in a foreign country.

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