These are the most popular emojis of 2021

Sometimes a bit of fun "news" is in order here at PhoneArena, to distract us from the more somber tech stuff such as the dire global chip supply shortage, the forbidding prices of most of our dream flagship phones, and the gradual disappearance of online privacy and cybersecurity.

Today, that customary diversion involves emojis; namely, we've finally got a list of the most popular emojis that were used throughout the year 2021, just published by the official Unicode Consortium in charge of maintaining the universal emoji sets we know and love so well. 

The Unicode Consortium is a rather fancy name for a non-profit group that is generally responsible for maintaining the international Unicode standard, which essentially comprises universal text and emojis.

And according to them, apparently, the top eight emojis used worldwide are Face with Tears of Joy, Red Heart, Rolling on the Floor Laughing, Thumbs Up, Loudly Crying Face, Face Blowing a Kiss, Smiling Face with Hearts, and Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes (we'd insert the actual emojis here, but unfortunately the system doesn't allow it).

Surprised? Come to think of it, it really makes sense, at least from our experience with chatting online. For more statistics and fun little info tidbits, you should definitely visit the Unicode blog post that made the announcement. For example, did you know that there are currently 3,663 emoji in official use? We certainly had no idea!

Every year, the Unicode Consortium takes countless submissions of emoji proposals to be incorporated into universal mobile software, and we get at least a few cute newcomers every single year (such as these emojis, which are coming in 2022), once they are approved by the Consortium. And every year, the public generally acquire new favorites that they tend to use regularly when texting online.

The members that vote in new emojis, and keep track of their usage analytics, include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Emojipedia, as well as other hardware and software companies that are part of the non-profit corporation that is the Unicode Consortium.

Now, no matter which emojis you tend to use the most, we encourage you to express yourself in whatever way makes you happy. This means that if showing your excitement online means screaming in chocolate-coated doughnut emojis and pizza slices, then by all means—do your thing. No one should be judged on their emoji choices, and we strictly stand by that. [Insert Grinning Cat with Smiling Eyes Here]

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