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The LG Velvet focuses on what matters to be the best phone for you

The LG Velvet focuses on what matters to be the best phone for you
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What exactly is the formula for "the best" smartphone? Well… let’s ask the first smartphone there was — the IBM Simon. It was released way back in 1994 — and it was actually called a Personal Communicator.

It was the first touchscreen Personal Digital Assistant that also functioned as a phone. It had an innovative spirit. It had features you simply couldn’t get in another single device. It dared to ask the question “what if?” and gave us a sneak peek into the future of technology. For that reason, it was a device that stood in a class of its own. Therefore, it was inevitably "the best" at what it did, right?

But what is "the best" smartphone today?

What does the average person want out of a phone? They want a good screen to watch videos and their social media on; they want a good camera to capture and share their best moments; they want a phone that’s pleasant to hold and use because it does spend a lot of time in their hands; they want decent enough performance to get them through their daily tasks without annoying blocks. That’s it.

But the smartphone market... is spinning out of control — as manufacturers are in a constant race to add more automation, more upgrades, and more flashy hardware. The prices — naturally — go up and up.

LG is attuned to the common user’s needs. And the LG Velvet is the first phone from the company to testify to that.

It is incredibly slim and features a 3D Arc Design — the front and back are curved symmetrically, providing a comfortable fit in the hand and a striking look. It further enhances this with a slew of jaw-dropping colors — llusion Sunset, Aurora Green, Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Silver and New Black — giving customers the ability to accessorize and express their individuality.

The Velvet’s 6.8-inch P-OLED Cinematic FullVision display is incredibly immersive and its 20.5:9 aspect ratio is perfect for streaming cinematic movies wherever you are. And, thanks to its 5G connectivity, you won’t be seeing that “buffering” circle.

The 48 MP sensor and high-quality lenses of its main camera make sure that you won’t miss that special moment. And for the creators, who simply want more out of their phone, there’s the Creator’s Kit, which lets your imagination come to life.

The high-quality components on the inside make sure that the performance will be more than adequate, whether you are breezing through your emails or setting a new high-score in your favorite game.

The LG Velvet wants to be "the best phone for the practical user"

The LG Velvet doesn’t concern itself with being a “flagship” and it doesn’t cost $1,000. Demand for “flagships” out there is waning, as users don’t wish to pay for the research and marketing of features that they simply may not need. The LG Velvet is looking to grant the wishes of a new breed of users — the practical consumer.

It meets this new age with an innovative spirit. It has a design and feature set that would usually cost you more. It dares to ask the question “what if?” and possibly gives us a sneak peek into the future of the smartphone market. It wants to create a class of its own.

Simon would be proud.
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