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Where do apps go on iPhone? Here is where iOS 14 puts your new downloads

Where do apps go on iPhone? Here is where iOS 14 puts your new downloads
Ever since the App Store came to be on the iPhone 3G, iOS has treated new apps the same way — the phone downloads the app and places its icon on the first available home screen. From then on, it’s the user’s job to decide whether they want to drag it to a different place or just let it be and revel in the chaos.

However, with iOS 14 in 2020, Apple did the unthinkable. The iPhones now have an App Drawer App Library!

What is the App Library?

Much like its Android counterpart — the App Drawer — the App Library will hold all of your apps and sort them in some fashion — alphabetically or by category. The benefit here is that you can remove the icons of apps that you barely use from your home screen. So, you declutter your device’s main screen and can easily find that app you rarely need in the App Library.

By default, iOS 14 will not place new icons on your home screen when you download an app. Newly downloaded apps will appear in your App Library, but don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to find them.

Where are my new apps on iPhone?

  • Scroll all the way to the right-most home screen — that’s where your App Library is
  • Look at the top-right category box — you will notice it’s called “Recently Added”
  • This is where your newest apps are
  • Just hold on an icon and drag it to the left to place it on any home screen you wish

While in the App Library, you can find any app either by looking for it in its respective category box or by tapping on the search bar on the top. Doing the latter will instantly show you an alphabetical list with all your apps. You can manipulate the icons as you would on the home screen. Meaning, a long tap activates the pop-up menu with quick actions, or a long tap with a swipe allows you to "take" that app and place it anywhere on the home screen.

How to force iPhone to put new apps on the home screen?

If you are a fan of the old way that iOS did things — that is, you want your new apps to automatically appear on the first available home screen, you can do that in Settings.

  • Go to Settings -> Home Screen
  • See Newly Downloaded Apps at the top
  • Choose “Add to Home Screen”

Voila, you are done. You can keep using the iPhone as you did over the past 12 years and completely ignore the App Library, if that’s your wish.
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