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How much slower is an iPhone with an old battery?


Back in iOS 10.2.1, Apple secretly added a controversial battery management feature. It was implemented to deliberately slow down your iPhone in case it had an old battery, preventing sudden shutdowns in the process. However, the feature was not publicly announced, and users were not happy when they finally discovered its existence in December last year.

The option to disable the feature will come once iOS 11.3 goes live and in the meantime, YouTube user Bennett Sorbo has decided to show us exactly how much Apple slows down our old iPhones.

The test includes an iPhone 6s, which undergoes a series of tasks, first with an old (left) and then with a fresh new battery (right). The tasks included browsing the web, watching videos in YouTube, and entering a bunch of apps, finishing off with a GeekBench test. You can probably guess the results by yourself –  the iPhone was faster after getting the battery job, finishing the test in 4:33 minutes – a 62 second improvement over the pre-battery replacement time (5:35 minutes). The following GeekBench tests also showed a difference in CPU scores:

As you can see, the difference between having an iPhone with a new and one with an old battery is quite significant. Luckily, if you feel the throttling taking over your iPhone, you can get your battery replaced for only 30 bucks by Apple or any other authorized service provider.

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