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iTunes 12.6 update comes with "rent once, watch anywhere" feature

iTunes 12.6 update comes with "rent once, watch anywhere" feature
Tuesday’s excitement over Apple’s announcement of the Product Red iPhone 7 and 7 plus, and a new 9.7” iPad, completely stole the show for quite a newsworthy update in iTunes 12.6. The latest update of the software now allows you to “rent once, watch anywhere”, putting an end to Apple’s annoying one-device-only playback restrictions.

Up until yesterday, customers could watch a rental only on the same device it was purchased, meaning that you couldn’t rent a movie on your PC and finish watching it on your iPhone. Under the old rules, a movie rented on your Apple TV, for example, would became unavailable in the iTunes library, if you transferred it to another device. However, Apple’s new rules now give you freedom to sync and play rented content across iOS 10.3 or tvOS 10.2 devices. Even though you will still have to abide by the standard playback time restrictions, the new feature certainly adds flexibility to the iTunes rental service. 

With iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 already in 6th beta, and expected to go live in the following days, we shouldn't wait long until the new feature actually kicks in. We are already in the know that the new iOS will bring data storage optimizations, CarPlay integration and Find My AirPods feature, among other rumored updates. Each following 10.3 test version seems to get better and more exciting by the count, and the new iTunes rental rules are undoubtedly in line with the trend.

source: iTunes via 9to5Mac
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