iShower water-resistant Bluetooth speaker redefines 'awesome'

iShower water-resistant Bluetooth speaker redefines 'awesome'
Music and shower - these are two things that go so well together, but what happens if you can't hear the music coming from your living room, while in the bath? Or what if your wife is still dreaming about last night while you have to take a shower and get ready for work? For God's sake, how are you going to take that shower without your favorite morning tunes?!? Fear not, the solution is here - introducing... iShower!

The iShower, made by the potentially-sueable iDevices, is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker designed to be used in the shower. It can be easily mounted on the wall using its built-in adhesive, or if you want, you can simply hang it over the shower head. It can be paired to up to 5 different handsets, allowing you easy access to your own track list. The iShower features controls for play, pause, forward and back. Plus, nothing stops you from using the thing outside the shower as well! And if that's not enough to convince that this product redefines 'awesome', wait until you hear that it also has a built-in clock - always good to have!

The iShower is available now through the source link below, at the no-so-awesome-but-still-bearable price of $99.99.

source: iDevices via Engadget

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